The National Society of Leadership and Success
Building leaders who make a better world

What is the Program?

The NSLS's leadership development program consists of five steps outlined below. To complete the program and achieve induction into the NSLS, members must attend Orientation, Leadership Training Day, three Speaker Broadcasts, and three Success Networking Team meetings. Once members have completed the steps below (taking approximately 12hrs), they will be formally inducted as a full member. In addition, they will receive post-induction benefits including a certificate of national leadership certification, NSLS insignia pin, and Sigma Alpha Pi T-shirt awarded to them at your chapter's induction ceremony.






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Past Speakers Include:

How are students selected and invited to participate?

Unlike other honor societies that determines which students are eligible for you, the NSLS allows each campus to determine who they would like to invite to participate. We realize that often students who can benefit from leadership training aren't always just those on the Dean's list.

Similar to other honor societies, students receive an invitation from you in the mail informing them the program exists on campus and inviting them to participate. The NSLS's National Office manages the process of generating interest for you by helping you send your invitations and covering all invitation and postage expenses.

Does the NSLS Protect the Privacy of Student Data?

Yes. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law protecting the privacy of student education records. The National Society of Leadership and Success follows all of it's guidelines, and as such, our student data privacy protection policy has been deemed FERPA compliant by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) based on their independent, 3rd party evaluation. Please email to request a copy of their evaluation letter.