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Meet The Society’s 500,000th Member!

By B. Pasapane on Sep/21/2015


We’re excited to announce that The National Society of Leadership and Success reached a monumental milestone over Labor Day weekend!
Meet the Society’s 500,000th member, Emily Rolling!

Emily is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. We wanted to get to know her a bit more and thought you might want to as well!
Emily, what is your major?
I have declared Biology as my major.
What are your career plans post-graduation?
After I graduate from the University of Arkansas, I plan to attend medical school with hopes of becoming a surgeon.
What made you decide to join the Society?
I joined the Society to be surrounded by people with a similar goal-oriented mindset, to seek more opportunities to stay involved in the organization and community, and to be encouraged to reach my full potential.
What do you hope to gain from your membership?
From this membership, I hope to improve my leadership skills, stay motivated to achieve present and future goals, and create relationships with like-minded people.
Congratulations again to Emily, our 500,000th member!
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