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Society Member Spotlight: Jennifer Guzzardi – “Global Leader Scholarship” Recipient (Part 4)

By B. Pasapane on Apr/11/2016


Congratulations to Global Leader Scholarship recipient Jennifer Guzzardi, from the Society chapter at Marist College.

Jennifer Guzzardi became an executive board member for her chapter at Marist College in her junior year. Through her membership with the Society and her executive board position, Jennifer not only gained the confidence to talk about leadership, but also found a new found passion for restorative justice. The term “restorative justice” has emerged sporadically in the media as an alternative approach to the traditional methods of crime and punishment. This model involves bringing the victim, offender, and any necessary parties together to talk about the crime and what can be done to achieve future success.
Last week, we shared part three of Jennifer’s journey and progress abroad as a “Global Leader” who is making a better world. Today we are happy to share her fourth and final post. Enjoy!
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Different Settings, Different Angles
By: Jennifer Guzzardi
Point and shoot. That’s about the extent of my knowledge of cameras.
I haven’t had much experience - or interest really- in taking photos. The camera has always been another thing to carry…to remember…to interrupt the moment.
But the scenery here is too beautiful to not want to capture it. And given that my time here is limited, I want a way to take it home with me.
The stereotypical role of a photographer, ironically, fits my personality: quiet, contemplative, innovative. I enjoy - and often prefer- observing the world from an outsider’s vantage point. To look and to listen to other people living their lives.
Yet, it’s a position that requires careful observation and active engagement. A power to capture any given moment for years to come. A responsibility to capture the mood, feeling, and beauty accurately.
The interesting part of stepping behind a camera, as I have learned, is the realization that a moment can be portrayed in many ways. The use of lighting, angles, and camera settings can give the same moment a different feel…a different perspective…
I’ve tried to look at my experience in New Zealand as an opportunity to try new things and to consider new perspectives.
My internship has challenged me in upholding this commitment. It has required me to step outside my comfort zone. To change roles. To change angles. To engage. And to attend networking events.
A few months ago, this idea would have paralyzed me. I would have done nearly anything to avoid it and I would have dreaded the thought of speaking in front of any number of people.
I didn’t have a choice, however. I’m required to attend community meetings and networking events as a part of my weekly duties. And surprisingly, it’s not all that bad.
The Society focused heavily on networking. Speakers often talked about the practical skills needed for such short- yet important- conversations. They noted the importance of: being confident; knowing facts; setting goals; having manners; and moving around the room. They emphasized the necessity and power in making connections, building relationships, and gaining knowledge. The opportunity to share new ideas.
That last statement resonates most with me. The opportunity to share new ideas. I hadn’t considered this benefit much until I started attending networking events. But it’s true. The events didn’t have to be a venue for me to be scared, but rather an opportunity to give something back to the community. The ability to provide information, to inform, and to educate others. To help.
As I continue my internship and my time here in New Zealand, my goal is to offer a new perspective. To be responsible for conveying a new picture. By changing my own angle, I have the opportunity to portray the moment differently. To give it a new feel. And to create a memory to last for years to come.