The National Society of Leadership and Success
Building leaders who make a better world

We develop a community of caring leaders... bringing different backgrounds together to learn together fostering empathy within our community supporting educators and faculty with transformative teaching practices
...through employee engagement programs

The Education Team is directed by our Director of Education who oversees curriculum development, instructor training, and evaluation and impact of student work. Our team has a combined 25+ years experience in classroom teaching, and our passion for leadership development is evident amongst our entire team.

On-campus programs are led by caring, and dynamic experts—our faculty and professors or educators—helping students achieve essential learning objectives and thinking critically through creative activities and group discussions. Our average faculty member has 20+ years of experience leading and educating students.

Because we work with school or college campuses across the nation, our instructors and faculty hold Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Degrees or certifications. Our team goes through rigorous training and development annually to learn, practice, and implement best pedagogical practices to stay innovative to what works with students.

In preparing faculty and educators to become competent cultivators of exceptional leadership for students, we strive to provide the following four learning environments:

Inside-Out and Aligned Approach

We provide training and development that is based on our Student Learning Outcomes.

Targeting our essential learning outcomes at the macro (unit) and micro (learning progression) levels, we use assessments and evidence of student learning from a backward design approach.

Assessments are valid, reliable, and fair.

Leadership Communities

We provide learning communities that focus on training and development towards leadership development. Open sources, webinars, ask for help community, and one-on-one development are strategies used to share with one another. Our Learning Communities are committed to continuous improvement by collectively focusing on results using our Pillar Program.

We gather together annually to share in-person training and resources in the larger NSLS community network.

High Impact Instructional Practices

High impact practices are used to teach the SLOs explicitly.

Students regularly engage in inquiry to deepen learning. Students engage in leadership learning opportunities including service learning.

Practices and programs allow for personalization of learning.

In-Depth Care and Commitment

A culture of extraordinary care that supports students exists.

Social-emotional programs exist to help students develop social and emotional awareness.

Students are supported through major transitions of the program.

Student Desired Learning Outcomes

With service excellence as a lens, teams collaborate to create and improve effective and integrated campus-wide systems to ensure leaders can support students and learn through healthy organizational culture and the integration of technology.

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