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Marissa Curry

Marissa Curry

Executive Director of Program Development

Marissa Curry serves as the Executive Director of Program Development. When she began at the NSLS, she was a sales team of one. In 2016, she built a team around a sales culture that fit her philosophies. Through the implementation of those philosophies and close work with the organization’s founder, she built an entirely remote team. 

In the beginning of 2019, she absorbed the Student Program Development area into her department. This area engages and develops 100+ interns each year that launch and then lead NSLS chapters at their campuses. Marissa is currently leading the expansion of the NSLS beyond the US into a global leadership organization. 

During her tenure with the NSLS, she has passionately advocated for significant changes within the organization, including implementation of online chapters, refocusing our market positioning to leadership development rather than speeches, growing our presence in the community college area from 30 schools to over 150, and guiding our organization to be viewed as thought leaders in leadership education. It’s also a goal of hers to ensure leadership education is accessible and to that end, she consistently advocates for access, disability services, and further resources for both colleges and students. 

Marissa lives in Maine with her cat, dog, daughter, and husband. She loves gaming, anything from card games to D&D. While she has less time for gaming these days, she also enjoys Saturday morning cartoons, kiddo snuggles, and impromptu dance parties.