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Vanessa Avalos
Front. Range Community college (Larimer)

I was the girl who couldn’t stand up for herself and sat in seats strategically hidden from getting called on in class. I was this quiet girl with very little confidence in myself. As time progressed, I eventually became aware of that, and began my journey of embracing who I am.

By junior year of high school, I stepped it up and joined leadership activities to help me overcome my quietness. By college I was invited to the NSLS. At that point I decided to give it a try (even though I was terrified of coming to college because I was fresh out of high school). Once induction came, I knew it wasn’t enough. I decided to then become part of the board. I am now the outreach chair. It has given me the confidence to speak in public and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I have made some good friends on the board who are supportive and help me push through challenges I still have regarding my quietness. Without this opportunity I don’t think I’d be able to move on to other big leadership roles. As someone who wants to be a lawyer, this is definitely great practice for me and my future endeavors! I’m thankful to have a chance to be part of a community where leadership is the goal.