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Yvonne Greer
Walden University

Being a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) has impacted my entire attitude about life in several ways. The series of Success Networking Team (SNT) meetings have created a positive change in my attitude about what the future holds.

As an older returning grad student (60+) seeking a doctoral degree, I had started to question if I would even want to pursue my dreams of becoming a National Speaker and the principal investigator of my own community-based action research grants at the end of this journey. But, with the advice of my SNT, I now feel empowered and motivated to complete the steps that I have started, including obtaining my doctoral degree and completing my book.

Plus, hearing the journey to success from the NSLS speakers showed me that I have to hang in there and never lose sight of my ultimate goals. Speakers like Scott Hamilton and Carla Hall inspired me to view setbacks as learning experiences that will propel me to greater heights. I am now excited about where the future will take me!

As a mentor to community nutrition students, I plan to use the Success Networking Team format to help our future leaders to explore the steps needed for them to achieve their dreams and passions. I believe that a new fire for life has been lit inside of me and I am looking forward to the challenges to come.