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Traci Salisbury
Marist College

Last semester I felt an overwhelming sense to pursue a spiritual calling I have had since I was about 15. Being a business major, I was on the fast track to a great job upon graduating; I was a management intern for Target this past summer and was exploring marketing internships this fall. Then it hit me. I am not destined for business right now... I am called to serve others and nurture my spirituality. 

As I was putting my finger on this goal of chasing my vocation, I started meeting with my SNT group as well as watching past Speaker Broadcasts. The most memorable for me was the "Passion Test Lecture" by Janet Atwood. These two things were pivotal to my current success. Janet's lecture just spoke to me so strongly! I remember a key thing she began the lecture with was, "Please complete this phrase: When my life is ideal I am...?" Followed by, "Do not think about how you will do this thing, just figure out what it is." I remember sitting in my seat completing the sentence- "I am: serving others, out west, working with women, not worrying about money, in touch with the divine." Something ignited in me that night as I re-read my ideal life; I realized my current track of action needed to be changed to convert these ideals into reality. Mind you, this was mid-October, t-minus 7 months until graduation. I thought, "How the heck am I going to achieve this radically new goal with only 7 months of thinking and action to spare?" Enter my amazing SNT group. The first meeting I blurted out my new idea, "I need to pursue a call of vocation I have, I was thinking about a year of volunteer service." I thought they might think I was crazy, but I was wrong. The team supported me every step of the way; after I met a few times with my campus minister I found two spiritual volunteer organizations and I decided to apply over winter break. As I went through the application process and went on phone interviews my team provided me with encouraging words as I recapped them on the process each Wednesday. 

I can sit here now and triumphantly say that I have been overwhelmingly successful on this new endeavor. I have been accepted into the Sisters of Mercy Volunteer Corps and I will be serving for a year at a women's homeless shelter in Sacramento, California. I attribute my success to some very wise NSLS members, one hell of a telecast, and the on-campus support I needed to follow a long-awaited life passion of mine. Thanks, guys!