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Kelsie Lacey
Purdue University

Being a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success has impacted my life in a very positive way, particularly the Success Networking Teams. When I joined this group a few years ago and after I attended my first SNT, I knew I wanted to set a goal that would be challenging and that I would have to continually pursue to try and accomplish. One night as I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I realized I had a very blessed life and I needed to do something to help others. At the next SNT, it dawned on me that I could accomplish both of these tasks with a simple goal. It was at this time that Project Prayer Pillows was created.

My idea for Project Prayer Pillows came when I was lying on the couch trying to think of a way to give back to children. I was chilly and covered up with a blanket I made a few months ago. This blanket was created by putting two pieces of fleece together, cutting the edges and tying them together to create a single blanket. I realized this idea could easily be applied to make small pillows. I knew it would be a daunting task to make these pillows and financially it could be difficult. Nevertheless, I took this idea and presented it to my SNT. My group members were very supportive of the idea and gave me a lot of good feedback for ways to help alleviate some of the burden. One idea that was suggested was to try and obtain a grant to help pay for materials. From this idea, I contacted a local Sorority chapter in my hometown, wrote a proposal for the grant, and eventually obtained the money I needed to create the pillows. Throughout the next year, I continued to take steps to pursue my goal. I bought enough material to create around 50 pillows, which I knew would take a long time. I tried to spend a little bit of time each week on making the pillows, another suggestion I received from an SNT meeting. It took me about eight months to finally complete all the pillows, but it was time definitely well spent. This summer, I took the pillows and donated them to a local hospital's pediatric ward.

It's hard for me to describe the feeling I had when I was finally able to donate the pillows. The hospital really embraced my idea and was very grateful for the donation. I was so excited to finally