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Susana Deku
University of the Incarnate Word

I had great Success Networking Team meetings as a NSLS member. The enthusiasm of my teammates who were willing to reach out to the community motivated me to give in all my holidays for a good cause. 

I volunteered for Women's Global Connection to raise money to help women in Zambia and Tanzania to start their own small businesses. During Thanksgiving weekend, instead of spending time with my friends and family, I went to help sell baskets (made by the women) with some other volunteers and we made over one thousand, six hundred dollars ($1600.00). This was sent back to the women to start their own businesses and others to expand their businesses such as pig and chicken rearing, Soya beans farming, sewing and basket weaving. One thing I knew was that a life would be changed; a woman's dream of starting her own small business and getting empowered was just around the corner. A woman would be able to take care of her children, feed them well, and sponsor their education. At least a child in Zambia and Tanzania will be enrolling in school next year with some hope for a bright future. I had wonderful and fulfilled holidays as a result of giving out my time and energy. It was an experience worth repeating.

Next year, one of my major goals is to sponsor three (3) orphans in Ghana who are between the ages of 3 and 10. I would like to pay for their food, accommodation, and educational needs. I will be selling locally made bags from Ghana to help with this course of action. One of the lessons I have learned from the Success Networking Team meetings was that when we reach out to the disadvantaged in the world, we are directly changing lives and giving hope to somebody who will become useful in his or her community. So let us reach out to the people we know who are in need in any way we can to make the world a better place.