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Creating Leaders for Life

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Built to Bridge the Gap

Our turnkey leadership development program for alumni helps associations grow their fundraising opportunities, maximize their resources and increase alumni engagement long-term. Here's why the Learner to Leader program works:

  • We're building on a 20-year track record of turning students and alumni into leaders.
  • Our program is tailored for professionals to address the growing soft-skills gap.
  • With minimal lift, you can multiply engagement.

Upskill your alumni in core areas of leadership while sustaining impactful engagement--and opt to receive a $25 donation to your alumni foundation for each member who joins.

Talk to us to find out how we can build your alumni program together.


My most profound learning experience was the moment I discovered my leadership style...This revelation has empowered me to adapt my leadership approach to perfectly align with my team's specific needs.”
- Timothy, Learner to Leader
I have been a supervisor for many years, this course taught me so much that I was missing.”
- Liraine, Student of similar NSLS programming 

Real-World Skills, Real-World Impact

The NSLS Learner to Leader program meets alumni where they are in their leadership journeys with a self-paced, asynchronous development opportunity to help drive their success--however they define it.

Through the only accredited collegiate leadership development program in the nation, your alumni will:

  • Learn their unique leadership style and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Map out their ideal future through strategic goal-setting techniques.
  • Apply what they learn in a real-world community project proposal.
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More Than Skill-Building

Besides growing as leaders, your alumni will:

  • Gain access to networking opportunities and join a community of more than 1.5 million members.
  • Earn digital badges to stand out to employers.
  • Enjoy lifetime NSLS membership with a range of benefits and career resources.

Course Structure

The Learner to Leader program combines the best of the NSLS’s Foundations of Leadership and Advanced Leadership programs into one alumni package that’s broken up into three parts.

Members will understand the basics of leadership, identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop team-building skills, and improve their communication and collaboration skills.

Members begin to utilize the NSLS 9 Principles and Behaviors Leadership Framework to become the best version of themselves by thoroughly understanding their passions and goals, culminating in the completion of a Leadership Portfolio.

Members apply what they’ve learned to a real-world community project while supporting a team to achieve a common goal, understanding how to advocate for themselves while motivating others.


The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the largest and only accredited collegiate leadership development program in the United States. We partner with over 800 colleges across the country and have more than 1.5 million members.

The NSLS Learner to Leader program is a leadership development program designed to help alumni upskill in key areas to grow as leaders and advance in their careers.

Leadership development is an ongoing pursuit, and we want to meet alumni where they are in their own leadership journeys by providing opportunities to help drive their success. Many of our educational partners also mentioned issues engaging with their alumni and developing their leadership skills. Similarly, we have heard from business leaders and leaders of nonprofits who are having trouble identifying young leaders within their organizations. 

With the alumni-focused Learner to Leader program, we have created an affordable solution for college alumni to gain leadership experience to help them advance in their careers while providing a pathway for businesses and nonprofits to identify the next generation of leaders.

Your alumni association incurs no cost to start the program. The one-time registration fee for alumni members is $199. This fee includes the self-paced, online Learner to Leader program as well as lifetime membership in the NSLS, including a range of member benefits.

Anyone who has graduated from your university is eligible to participate.

For alumni members, benefits include: 

  • Career advancement potential
  • Self-paced programming
  • Lifetime NSLS membership
  • Networking opportunities
  • Digital badges

Alumni association benefits include: 

  • Optional $25 donation for each member
  • Alumni engagement opportunity
  • Turnkey operation with low lift
  • No additional out-of-pocket costs
  • Identify the most impactful alumni

The Learner to Leader program is self-paced and takes approximately 30 hours to complete.

All coursework will be led and graded by experienced NSLS faculty.

The NSLS has a Member Experience Team that will answer any questions and help with any issues you have.

We are open to working with you to determine the best strategy.

The NSLS will cover the cost of marketing, mailing, and postage costs. There should be no out-of-pocket costs for your organization.

We’ll provide a guide for raising awareness and answering questions about the Learner to Leader program at your school, and we are glad to work with you to identify additional opportunities to promote the Learner to Leader program. This may include tabling at homecoming, golf outings, galas, newsletters, websites, and more.