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A study examining the impact of leadership programming on GPA was conducted at Bowling Green State University using The National Society of Leadership and Success as the study’s subject. In addition to honorable distinction, the NSLS provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills. These steps align with educational practices shown by The American Association of Colleges and Universities to have a significant impact on student success (Kuh, G. 2008). This alignment is expected to contribute to increased GPAs for inducted members.


The study examined changes in GPA for four sets of students over four academic years. For each academic year, the university generated a list of students who met a minimum GPA requirement of 3.25 and were invited to join the NSLS. For every semester, each cohort was sorted into two subgroups: those who completed the NSLS’s steps to induction and those who did not. Each subgroup’s aggregate GPA was documented each fall, spring and summer from 2011 to 2015.


While both groups of students were originally recognized for academic achievement, over time, the average GPA for inducted members increased while the average GPA for those who did not complete the NSLS’s steps to induction decreased. This trend was evident in all four cohorts.

Figure 1. BGSU Inducted Candidates

Figure 2. BGSU Invited Candidates

Dr. Allison Goedde serves as program coordinator, lecturer, and advisor for the classroom technology master's degree program at Bowling Green State University. She earned her doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision in 2006 from BGSU with an emphasis on educational administration and professional development with technology. She has been teaching in the BGSU School of Teaching and Learning for the past eight years. Currently she is advisor for BGSU chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). In this role Dr. Goedde has initiated and lead a team of practitioners in research to measure impact of leadership programming on student GPA, retention, and civic engagement. Prior studies include analysis of assessment on classroom technology program improvement, engaging pre-service educators in active learning with technology, and mentorship of action research initiatives for classroom technology master’s degree students. Prior to becoming lecturer with BGSU, Dr. Goedde, was associate director of professional development with Northwest Ohio Educational Technology Foundation located at WBGU-TV/PBS. In addition, she has been a pioneer in the practices of online teaching and learning for teacher professional development and student engagement since 2004, has earned Quality Matters rubric alignment training with experiences as a course reviewer, and is recognized as a leader in transformational change towards modern teaching and learning practices at BGSU.