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NSLS Stats and Comments

The NSLS is driven by its mission of helping our members discover and achieve their goals. In order to assess our impact, we frequently reach out to our members and advisors for their feedback. Below you will find the links to their thoughts and measurements on the program.

“The NSLS can benefit only those who join. It is a wonderful institution in which to gain leadership skills and hone one’s ability to make and complete goals. It is honestly a life-changing experience.”
Corrin Laposki, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Allison Gill

Associate Vice President, Student Affairs Merrimack College

Hear what Chapter Advisors are saying about the NSLS.


state the NSLS makes a positive difference in their students' lives

Taken from a Spring 2020 survey of 1,677 Chapter Administrators leading the NSLS program.

Ashton Campbell

University of Arkansas

Student Chapter Leaders speak about the impact of the NSLS on their campuses.