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Upon completion of each portion of your leadership development program, you’ll earn a badge to celebrate your accomplishments:

FOL 102: Foundations of Leadership: Principles of Leadership

ADV 201 & ADV 202: Advanced Leadership Part One - Self Leadership & Advanced Leadership Part Two - Leading Teams

Digital badges help you stand out from your peers in the crowded job market by easily showcasing your skills and competencies to hiring managers.


Digital Badging Resources

To access your earned badges follow three easy steps:

  1. Go to the Members Area
  2. Click on My Badges
  3. Click on each earned badge for more information

You can add your earned badges to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and share your accomplishments on social media.

Digital badges are becoming more important in education so that employers can easily see the competencies applicants have earned. These badges can be added anywhere you have a profile or are completing an application. You can:

  1. Add to your LinkedIn profile (see how below)
  2. Add to resume
  3. Share on social (see posts below)

One of the most common places to add your digital badge is on your LinkedIn profile. Adding them is very easy. Go to your LinkedIn profile page and then follow one of the two options below. Or, follow this guide from LinkedIn

Option 1: If you have other Certifications on your profile:

  • Scroll down to Licenses and Certifications
  • Click the + Sign in the top right of that section
  • fill in the information provided in the My Badges section of your Members Area.

Option 2: If you don't have any other Licenses or Certifications:

  • Click 'Add Profile Section' in the Introduction Section
  • Click 'Licenses and Certifications' under Background
  • Fill in the information

Celebrate your accomplishment by posting your digital badge on social media! 

Example Social Post for You to Share

I just earned a digital badge from #theNSLS!

All my hard work continues to pay off as I earn credentials progressing through their #leadershipdevelopment program. Check out my badge and what I’ve learned so far: <link to your digital badge>