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Advocating for Equity in Healthcare


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Dr. Khama Ennis is not only an accomplished physician with a Master's Degree in Public Health but also the visionary creator and founder of ‘Faces of Medicine’ which is a groundbreaking narrative health equity project focused on the journeys of black female doctors.

Dr. Ennis’s work in public health has given her a unique insight into illness and diseases but also a broader perspective on why many illnesses occur in some while wellness flourishes in others. 

Additionally, Dr. Ennis’s work is driven by a passion to make health care accessible and more equitable for everyone, but especially marginalized groups.

A New Docu-series Shines a Spotlight on Black Female Physicians

When Dr. Khama Ennis shares how bias and stereotypes can negatively impact patient care, she has many examples to support this observation. It sometimes comes down to what she sees as subliminal bias in all humans and even doctors are not exempt. 

Many of them have programmed preconceived notions about body types, and health and wellness treatments in consideration of misguided, antiquated beliefs about different cultures.

The On-going Need for More Diverse ‘Faces of Medicine”

Because of her work in public health, Dr. Ennis has gained a unique perspective on understanding why people sometimes have varied and different levels of healthcare experiences across a range of reasons but bias often plays a role.

One remedy Dr. Ennis sees as effective to combat this dynamic is for patients within marginalized groups to see themselves reflected in a hospital’s staff. She says people who may be programmed not to push beyond racial barriers will let their guard down and share what’s really going on in their medical history when they feel the physician truly relates to them and understands their plight.

Pulling Back The Veil on Mental Health In Marginalized Groups

When people think of wellness, they usually are referring to the physical body. But overall wellness includes both the mental and physical. As Dr. Ennis explains, historically there are certain groups that have not traditionally sought mental health support, be it because of cultural reasons or lack of resources. 

Underserved communities are among the most vulnerable when it comes to mental health. As Dr. Ennis explains, “When you live in an under-resourced community or are exposed to constant messages and stories of your own reflection being harmed, as opposed to seeing success stories, that can add to your stress levels and impact your health negatively.”

With that in mind, Dr. Ennis seeks to raise more awareness of optimal and equitable healthcare solutions for mental and physical wellness.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • The inspiration behind Dr. Ennis’s docu-series ‘Faces of Medicine’
  • How the Dr. Ennis decided upon storytelling as a way to connect communities
  • The future of medicine and equality in healthcare

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