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Avoiding Nutritional Misinformation


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Brian Tanzer is a physical wellness expert and Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at the Vitamin Shoppe. Initially, in his college years, he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. However, after volunteering at NYC Medical Center he took more interest in helping people preserve their natural health to avoid nutrition-related illnesses.

Today Brian advocates for exercise and proper nutrition as a way to sustain a healthier life, and he uses his years of athleticism in sports and martial arts as a catalyst to help lead by example. 

How Supplements Can Play a Role in Proper Nutrition

In Brian’s role as Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for one of the country’s largest supplement brands and retailers, he is passionate about steering his organization away from inferior quality products. As Brian explains, “You don't want to mislead consumers into believing that a product can do something that it can't.”

Brian stresses that when it comes to things that are ingested, people should look into the companies they’re buying products from with scrutiny. A tell-tale sign to avoid a company is if it doesn't even have a website or you can't call and talk to someone live. Use good judgment.

Genetics Do Play a Role But Proper Nutrition and Exercise Help a lot

According to statistics Brian shares that nearly 40% of the American population is close to the weight range of obesity. Years ago weight issues were dismissed often as genetics and real lifestyle changes for better health were not as promoted.

Today we know better, like avoiding certain fats and fast food in excess. However, Brian still is concerned about the lack of physical activity in children who are on their digital devices all day. As Brian expressed, “When I was a kid, we were outside for hours playing. Now kids are sitting, still laying in their beds all day and night playing on their phones or their iPads.”

Health is a Destination, Not a Journey

Brian looks at health as a destination, not a journey, meaning it should be a lifelong thing you're aiming for which is the destination of optimal health. This mindset helps avoid fad diets or the idea of going on and off diets for quick results.

It's not successful Brian feels, for someone to be a vegan one week and then do the keto diet the next. It sets you up for a cycle of failure and discouragement. Instead, Brain encourages people to do something sustainable, a lifestyle change that is manageable long term. 

Brian, explains, “That does not mean you have to be in the gym seven days a week, two hours a day — No. But find an activity that you enjoy that you're gonna look forward to doing and be consistent with it.”

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • What Brian thinks of dieting
  • How better nutritional choices positively impacts mood
  • The importance of avoiding misinformation

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