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Build Your Brand with Passion and Integrity (Feat. Kara Goldin) Pt.1


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Kara Goldin took the beverage industry by storm. After a period of at-home experimentation, the result of her efforts was hint® water. Kara sat down with us to discuss her leadership role as the founder and CEO of hint®, the role of creativity in her success, and the power of perseverance. Don’t miss this inspirational episode of Motivational Mondays!

The Story Behind Hint® Water

In 2004, Kara realized she needed to focus on her health. She was careful about what she put in her children’s bodies which motivated her to practice what she preached. For two weeks, she gave up her soda for plain water and lost over 20 pounds. Her adult acne cleared up and her energy levels peaked.

She thought, “Wow, this would be really great except water is so boring.” She started throwing fruit in her water to improve the taste. But it was an extra expense and a hassle to cut it every day. So, she began to look for a product already on the market and found nothing.

Kara knew she was about to launch a new product and company but it didn’t hit her that she was launching an entirely new category. She never thought that she’d become an entrepreneur and the creator of a beverage company. She had simply set out to create an alternative to sugary drinks.

Growth Begins with Taking a Leap of Faith

Kara believed in her product and put in the time and effort to make it a reality. Many people start out thinking they can just go out and do something, then they hit walls that seem insurmountable. It may be your own doubts or well-intentioned people who discourage you but ultimately, Kara believes it’s imperative to follow your passion.

People constantly asked Kara why she thought she could take on Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and she didn't know if she could. The worst thing that could happen would be she’d have a product sitting in her pantry that only she enjoys drinking. Perhaps, she’d learn about a new industry or discover she was capable of something she never thought possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you put yourself into a position where you don’t know what will happen, you gain clear insight on all that you can overcome. In her book, Undaunted, Kara shares personal stories, like how she hiked the Grand Canyon.

When people asked if she was afraid of the height, she realized other things that happened on that trip were far scarier. Yes, the height was scary but she got through it. She emphasizes, “Through putting yourself into uncomfortable and challenging experiences, that’s where we really uncover who we are.” 

Is it better for people to doubt you or believe that you’re capable of great things? Listen to the whole episode to hear Kara’s thoughts. Make sure to stay tuned for part 2 in next week’s episode!

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [1:00] The story behind the creation of hint® water
  • [5:02] How growth begins with taking a leap of faith
  • [9:05] Stepping outside of your comfort zone

Listen to the bonus episode to learn how Kara took her product directly to the public for feedback and Kara’s concern over industry use of the word “Diet” as a marketing ploy.