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Chart Your Re-Entry: Staying at the Forefront of Leadership Education

The COVID-19 pandemic created a major shift in every industry, including higher education. This fall, many students are charting their re-entry back on campus - but, the universe of education isn’t the same. However your students are choosing to attend college this fall (live, online, or a combination of the two), the NSLS is here to help navigate the way.

The NSLS is launching "Chart Your Re-Entry" - updates to our leadership program that will guide you to the future of leadership education while guaranteeing a soft landing back into the physical classroom, online, or a combination of the two.

In spring 2022 we will be launching our Hybrid Program and improving our Chapter Leader Dashboard. These updates will allow you to deliver our program in the way your members want and streamline your processes to make running a chapter easier and more efficient.

However, you don’t have to wait until the spring to experience exciting new updates. First, we’re updating our programming, improving our Live Online platform, providing incentives to drive your members to Induction, and more to ensure we’re applying what we’ve learned to deliver a better experience for you and your members.

Updates for Fall 2021

Starting this fall, you will notice key updates to our Foundations of Leadership Certification program, including all new videos and curriculum. In addition, we’ll be introducing digital badges to drive members to achieve induction, while also making it easier for you and members to use our Live Online platform.

These are the first steps as we continue adapting to meet the changing needs of our Chapter Leaders and our members.

1. Renewed Focus on Relationships and Community Building

Our content will now focus on identifying and building connections with fellow members and Chapter Leaders. You'll see this theme threaded throughout the Steps to Induction in all formats, including Live, Live-Online, and Online. To accomplish this, we’ve updated our curriculum to:

  • Deliver a stronger emphasis in Orientation on learning about the local chapter and the support available from the National Office.
  • Utilize small group exercises to encourage connection across identities during each event for Live and Live-Online.
  • Promote shared experiences and collaboration with fellow members with more activities in smaller groups.

One thing we realized during the pandemic is the importance of community and shared experiences. Whether your school is returning to on-campus or if you’re an online institution, we’re committed to creating an environment that emphasizes building strong bonds.

2. More Engagement in Less Time

Updates should mean greater efficiency. With these content improvements, we’re focused on providing deeper learning in a more efficient way. This change allowed us to reduce programming from nearly 14 hours to less than 10 hours. Event days have been remodeled to maximize the time spent with members and increase their ability to complete their Steps to Induction faster. 

We have also reduced the maximum number of event days to six, combining Success Networking Teams with Leadership Training Day and Speaker Broadcasts. This streamlined format will make it more convenient for members to engage in programs when it's best for them, accommodating busy schedules and maximizing the time when logged in. This efficient model increases flexibility and the impact of the content. 

3. Created New Principals and Behaviors

The Six Foundations of Leadership have been part of the Steps to Induction for over a decade. These concepts have been refreshed into new principles and behaviors. In doing so, we have created a richer and more direct learning experience at each stage of the process, zeroing in on the traits members will use going forward in their professional lives. 

Like many college courses that build on each other, we will also be integrating these principles and behaviors in an update of our educational approach, including our Advanced and Executive programs. This tiered approach will better immerse students into the principals and behaviors of great leadership.

4. New NSLS Digital Badges

The newly-launched NSLS digital badges serve as verification of members’ leadership certifications and keeps members on track to complete the Steps to Induction. The badges are a recognized distinction in the job market so hiring managers can easily see skill levels and competencies. 

Badges are earned at four stages of the NSLS program:

  1. FOL 101-1 - Completed Orientation and LTD   
  2. FOL 101-2 - Completed 3 Speaker Broadcasts and 3 SNTs
  3. ADV 201 - Completed Advanced Leadership   
  4. EXEC 301 - Completed Executive Leadership

In a remote-first, tech-first landscape, digital badges are the new norm for showcasing your skills. Through accredited leadership training, this is a great way to receive recognition for hard work as you advance through the program.

5. Technology Upgrades

To improve efficiency and make your life easier, we’re providing a more seamless, user-friendly experience across all our programs. For Fall 2021, we've updated our Live-Online BBB experience with increased audience capacity, more breakout rooms, and enhanced audio and visual content for a pristine viewing experience. 

Chapter Leaders will also be able to add live Speaker Broadcasts and all other events directly to the chapter calendar for members to easily access.

Here are some of the tech highlights: 

  • Up to 24 breakout rooms facilitated by advisors
  • Clarified breakout room instructions and countdown clocks
  • RSVP limit increase up to 150 participants
  • Updated member audio and visual capabilities

Updates for SPRING 2022

That’s only Phase One of Chart Your Re-Entry. We’re also working on two initiatives that will launch in Spring 2022 to continue improving our program delivery and save you time managing your chapter.

Launching the Hybrid Program

The pandemic accelerated technological advancements that were on the horizon. Seemingly overnight, we all became experts on Zoom so we could stay in touch with family, friends, work, and school.

This virtual environment is not going away and we want to ensure we’re delivering our program in the way that you and your members want to access it. Our Hybrid Program will give Chapter Leaders the flexibility to deliver our programming in a way that works best for them, whether that’s in-person, virtually, or a little bit of both. 

This is going to make for an easier, more effective, and more robust experience for students completing the Steps to Induction and becoming a leader.

Improved Chapter Leader Dashboard

We're also updating our Chapter Leader Dashboard with features to allow more efficient chapter management. These updates will make it easier to find resources and meet the educational needs of Chapter Leaders and members alike. 

With an easy-to-use, streamlined system to complement all the updates and initiatives we have in store, you’ll be able to properly adjust to this post-pandemic environment with ease, saving time and energy completing recurring tasks. 


To learn more about Chart Your Re-Entry, watch our webinar recording as we go through each of these items in-depth. 

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