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Embracing Life's Surprises


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Growing up in predominantly Caucasian neighborhoods and attending elite institutions like Vanderbilt and Yale, Patrick Huey was always aware of being one of the few African Americans in the room. However, he never let this deter him. Instead, he used it as motivation to deliver exceptional performance and prove his worth in these spaces.

From the Stage to the Boardroom: Patrick Huey's Journey

Patrick Huey’s career is a testament to the power of embracing unexpected opportunities and saying yes to life’s surprises. Starting his journey on the stage, Patrick transitioned into the realms of luxury, hospitality, wellness, and podcasting, becoming a pioneering figure in these industries. As the first Black chairman of the board for the International Spa Association (ISPA), Patrick has shattered barriers and enriched the global spa and wellness sectors with his leadership and vision.

Breaking Stereotypes in Luxury Brands

Patrick Huey has navigated the luxury brand space with confidence and determination, challenging the misconceptions and stereotypes about the African American demographic. Contrary to outdated beliefs about income and interests, Patrick's presence and success in the luxury industry exemplify that African Americans are not only interested in but also significantly contribute to this market.

Raised with the belief that he could achieve anything, Patrick never felt out of place in the elite spaces he entered. This sense of belonging, coupled with his undeniable talent and work ethic, allowed him to excel without succumbing to societal pressures or stereotypes.

Legacy and Leadership

For Patrick Huey, the concept of legacy is intertwined with leadership. He believes in making the most of the time we have and contributing positively to the world. This philosophy is evident in his work with ISPA, his podcast, and his various roles in the luxury and wellness industries.

Patrick’s commitment to excellence, representation, and uplifting voices makes him a true trailblazer. His journey from the stage to the boardroom is not only inspiring but also a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on multiple industries and the broader community.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [1:47] Why Patrick never concerned himself with racial barriers 
  • [8:04] The importance of letting your work speak for itself 
  • [16:46] How the solitude of the COVID shutdown inspired Patrick’s podcast 

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