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From Ink to Insight and Influence


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Julianna Newland is an accomplished author, communication expert, and seasoned professional in public affairs and writing. Her journey from Indianapolis to a diverse career spanning Fortune 500 companies and beyond offers a wealth of insights into navigating the modern workplace and everyday life.

A Passion for Communication and Language

Julianna's love for communication and language began early. An English and Political Science major, she served as the editor of her college newspaper for two years. This early passion translated into a lifelong career where writing played a central role. Even in grade school and high school, writing was a significant part of her life. After retiring, she decided to write a book, driven by her enduring passion for writing.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Male-Dominated Industry

Julianna's career in public affairs required extensive communication with lawmakers, governors, and their staff. She was the first female manager of public affairs in her department, an achievement that came with its own set of challenges. She shares her experiences of navigating a male-dominated industry and how she convinced others of her capabilities without being overbearing. Her insights into effective communication and self-advocacy are invaluable.

The Glass Ceiling and Sticky Floor

Julianna discusses the persistent issue of the glass ceiling and the sticky floor in the workplace. She references a Harvard Business School study that highlights how male managers are more likely to promote other men, whereas female managers promote based on skill, irrespective of gender. She believes that women must advocate for themselves and seize opportunities to lead and showcase their skills.

Concerns About Rolling Back DEI Programs

Julianna expresses concern over the recent pushback against DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs. She believes these programs are crucial for understanding different cultures and fostering inclusivity. Rolling back these initiatives is unfortunate and counterproductive to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Julianna Newland's journey and insights provide valuable lessons to organizations or anyone navigating the modern workplace. From advocating for oneself and others to the importance of mentorship diversity and effective communication, her experiences offer a roadmap to success. 

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [2:21] Julianna discusses her Fortune 500 work experience 
  • [11:19]The importance of talking things through to resolve conflicts 
  • [16:00] Never be defined by a narrow box 
  • [19:58] How “hangin’ in there” led Julianna to career success 

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