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How to Thrive with Happiness


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Maria Baltazzi, is a unique figure who describes herself as a "happiness explorer." Her rich background includes her work as an Emmy-winning television producer and her roles as a wellbeing teacher and luxury travel designer. She now shares her extensive knowledge on leading a happier, more conscious life, encapsulated in her latest book, Take a Shot at Happiness: How to Write, Direct, and Produce the Life You Want. Learn from Maria how you too can find your way to happiness.

The Journey from Television Producer to Happiness Expert

Maria Baltazzi was one of the original supervising producers of CBS's Survivor, a show that has been running strong for nearly 25 years. Maria shared insights into the early days of the show, highlighting how the concept was meant to be a microcosm of society. The diverse cast was designed to reflect various aspects of real life, creating a platform where collaboration, betrayal, and camaraderie played out in a controlled environment. This experience was pivotal for Maria, influencing her understanding of human behavior and potential.

Happiness as a Daily Choice

Maria firmly believes that happiness is a choice backed by intentional activities done consistently over time. She explained that our brains are wired with a negative bias, a remnant of our evolutionary past. However, by making conscious choices and engaging in positive activities, we can rewire our brains towards a positive outlook. This practice is crucial for maintaining both mental and physical health.

The Importance of Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is another practice Maria highlighted. She mentioned how influential figures like Oprah Winfrey set positive intentions for meetings to foster a productive and collaborative environment. This practice extends beyond mornings, impacting how we interact with the world throughout the day. By sending love into spaces before entering, we can transform our mindset and the dynamics of our interactions.

Maria Baltazzi’s journey from a television producer to a happiness guru offers valuable lessons in understanding and cultivating happiness. Her approach combines scientific research, practical tools, and personal insights, making happiness a tangible and achievable goal for everyone. Her book, Take a Shot at Happiness, serves as a comprehensive guide for those looking to explore and enhance their happiness. By making happiness a daily habit through intentional activities, journaling, photography, and setting positive intentions, we can all strive towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [2:44] Maria’s vision for the hit television show Survivor 
  • [14:26] Making choices that will impact your ability to be happy  
  • [25:27] The importance of Prioritizing happiness in your life  

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