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Learning to Reduce Our Unconscious Bias


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Dr. Adolph “Doc” Brown is the co-host of the new ABC series, The Parent Test. He’s also a clinical psychologist, master teacher, mental health keynote speaker, and founder/president/CEO of The Business & Education Leadership Authority.

He strives to help people get to the root of their unconscious biases to change the way they see the world. It all starts with understanding how the brain works.

How to Combat Implicit and Confirmation Bias

Dr. Adolph “Doc” Brown says that what we do with our implicit bias is what matters. We can’t control the messages that our brains send us, but we can control what we say and do based on those thoughts.

The brain also struggles with confirmation bias. It doesn’t like to be wrong so whenever you make a “match,” the brain wants to make sure it was good, not correct. The brain makes things black and white and wants everything to be linear, but we mostly live life in the gray. That’s why we have to challenge our brains and take responsibility for the things within our control.

Taking Responsibility for Your Words and Actions

Doc Brown often asks his audience, “Who in the room has a roof?” Then, he’ll ask the people who raised their hands if they’ve had to repair or replace it before their warranty expires. Many people raise their hands. Their roofs’ aged prematurely, which is called ”weathering.”
Our brain is constantly scanning its environment for threats so we need to teach our brain to look within first. Most people prefer to look outward but to truly see, it takes your eyes, brain, and your heart.

Your Past is a Place of Reference, Not Residence

“When we don’t address the rejections of our past, they become projections in our present, so we bleed on people who didn't cut us.” Doc Brown says it ties back to neuroscience.

You must reboot your brain, or you’ll treat anyone poorly who reminds you of whoever hurt you in the past. If you don’t do the work to heal from past trauma, your bias will continue to drive your actions.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[0:54] The premise of Dr. Brown’s new show, The Parent Test
[5:24] Why the conversation about racism starts with neuroscience
[8:18] How to combat implicit and confirmation bias
[10:45] Taking responsibility for our words and actions
[13:46] What true empathy looks like
[17:21] Why Doc is passionate about mental health
[23:31] Why your past is a place of reference, not residence

Listen to the bonus episode to learn what Dr. Brown means when he says, “We’re only as sick as our secrets,” and why inclusive conversations create teachable moments for everyone.