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Motivational Mondays Celebrates Women's Month


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In celebration of Women's Month, we're thrilled to present a special "Rewind" episode of Motivational Mondays highlighting the wisdom and inspiration of some incredible women who have graced our podcast. Get ready to be empowered and uplifted as we revisit powerful clips from our most inspiring female guests. From entrepreneurs to activists, leaders to artists, these women have shared invaluable insights on overcoming challenges, pursuing dreams, and making a difference. 

Tune in and let their stories ignite your passion and drive as we celebrate the strength, resilience, and brilliance of women everywhere!

How a simple idea while shopping for undergarments launched a national support effort for women in need

Dana Marlowe is a Social Impact Advocate who had a simple idea while shopping for undergarments. This idea led to the launch of a national support effort for women in need. Her initiative has made a significant difference in the lives of many women, providing them with the support and resources they require. Dana’s I Support The Girls nonprofit foundation, collects and distributes millions of bras and feminine hygiene products for women in need. 

Navigating life as a young girl whose mother developed schizophrenia

Eliza Van Cort is a Speaker and Author who has navigated life as a young girl whose mother developed schizophrenia. Despite the challenges she faced, Eliza has become an inspiration for others by sharing her story and raising awareness about mental health. Her resilience and determination are a testament to the power of perseverance.

The powerful influence positive parents can have on their children

Erica Cobb is a Television and podcast Host who believes in the positive influence parents can have on their children. Her podcast, The Comeback, instills in its audience Erica's belief that it's never too late to pursue your dreams, even after overcoming adversity. As her parents' drive and ambition inspired her, Erica shares her story to inspire others.

Dispelling the myths and stereotypes about Arab Women

Pashtana Durrani is an Afghan Human Rights Activist and Author dedicated to dispelling the myths and stereotypes about Arab women. Through her activism and writing, Pashtana works tirelessly to promote gender equality and empower women in her community. Her courage and advocacy have made her a role model for women everywhere.

When a negotiation is finished, the first one who speaks loses

Rose Fass is the Chairman and Founder of Fassforward Consulting Group. The seasoned veteran of business believes that when a negotiation is finished, the first one who speaks loses. Rose's strategic approach to negotiations has helped numerous organizations achieve successful outcomes. Her leadership and expertise have made her a much sought after voice and respected figure in the business world.

Tune in to the Members Only episode to learn how Dana Marlowe has impacted the lives of homeless women and more about Dana’s work to end period poverty.



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