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Navigate Life with Clear Intention


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Steve Wohlenhaus is the founder of Weatherology, a platform that helps local communities stay informed during inclement weather. He’s also a motivational speaker, podcast host, and the author of The Anatomy of Success.

Steve believes that there’s no magic wand to achieve success and get what you want out of life. He learned how to navigate life with clear intention. He shares how you can too in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

The inspiration behind The Anatomy of Success

Steve has always worked hard to build a successful business. After his father passed, he realized he had a responsibility to share his father’s wisdom. He wanted to leave a legacy beyond his own interests. It’s one of the driving forces behind his book, which is predicated on the idea that every individual should define success based on what’s important to them. 

He notes that we live in a world that celebrates shortcuts. Everyone wants to expedite success but there’s no special recipe for it. The process includes trial and error and experimentation. It takes courage to do things that could embarrass you or lead to failure.

Why We Need to Shift Our Priorities

Steve shares that we live in a troubled time where many people are unhappy and emphasizes the need to get serious about the next generation. He puts health and wellness at the foundation of efforts to take command of one’s life and achieve greater satisfaction. Highly successful people make health and wellness a top priority. If your health is in disarray, your whole life will be out of balance. 

The standard belief is that you enter a career that provides satisfaction and financial reward, and save enough money to retire by 65. This formula is flawed. Parents push kids hard with good intentions. They push them to get an education and to pursue high-paying professions. Today’s kids are going with the flow because they can’t pause to assess what they want in life.

Navigate Life with Clear Intention

Many people go through life in blind obedience. Creativity and curiosity are thrown aside, which are important to discover where you’re naturally gifted. Natural curiosity arises in childhood and is dismissed in favor of whatever will pay the most.

People are in love with the idea of success but it takes hard work, effort, and long-term commitment. Allow yourself the freedom and flexibility to live the kind of life you want. To build a business that gets you where you want, figure out what makes sense. You have to be adaptable and flexible to get where you want to be in life. 

Listen to the entire episode to learn more about how Steve learned to navigate life with clear intention.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [0:51] How Weatherology works
  • [3:14] The inspiration behind The Anatomy of Success
  • [6:11] Why there’s no magic wand for achieving success
  • [10:44] Steve’s four tenants of equanimity  
  • [15:23] The importance of new experiences
  • [21:33] Embracing flexibility to materialize your dreams

Listen to the bonus episode to learn the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and the role accountability plays in achieving success.