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Navigating Financial Aid


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Bethany Hubert is a financial aid specialist and account manager at Going Merry by Earnest. With eight years of experience in strategic partnerships and growth initiatives, Bethany is passionate about minimizing the financial burdens of education for others. As a first-generation graduate with two bachelor's degrees from the University of Alabama, she understands the challenges students face in funding their education. Bethany's journey and expertise make her an invaluable resource in navigating the complex landscape of college financial aid.

The Birth and Evolution of Going Merry

Bethany Hubert is proud of her work helping families navigate the expensive costs of higher education. As she explains, the co-founders of Going Merry launched the brand as a project during their time at Stanford as a solution to centralize and simplify the financial aid process. It has grown to assist hundreds of thousands of students across the U.S. in navigating this complicated landscape.

Scholarship Matching: Simplifying the Process

Through a process called scholarship matching Bethany describes that scholarship matching involves students creating a profile on Going Merry, where they are asked common scholarship application questions upfront. Going Merry then matches their profile against a vetted database of scholarships and auto fills as many applications as possible. This saves students a significant amount of time and removes frustrating steps.

Innovative Tips for Reducing College Expenses

Bethany suggests a multifaceted approach to reducing college expenses, including living in lower-cost dorms, off-campus, or with family, sharing or buying used books, and choosing lower-cost meal plans. She also recommends exploring options like AP courses, dual enrollment, and community college for the first two years. She emphasized the importance of making a variety of applications, including in-state, out-of-state, private, public, and community colleges, to maximize financial aid opportunities.

Bethany Hubert's insights shed light on the complexities of college financial aid and provide practical strategies for students and families. By utilizing resources like Going Merry, understanding FAFSA, and making informed decisions, students can reduce financial burdens and make the most of their educational opportunities.

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  • [11:00] Understanding loans vs grants 

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