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Volunteer Week 2024: NSLS Members Build a Better World

Volunteer Week celebrates the impactful work of individuals and groups dedicated to making a difference.

The National Society of Leadership and Success's (NSLS) chapters and members stand out for their commitment to helping others through volunteerism. We're excited to highlight their contributions and the personal and community growth they foster.

Celebrating NSLS Members During Volunteer Week 2024

Every year, Volunteer Week recognizes the selfless contributions of volunteers while celebrating the indispensable role they play in our communities. This special week is a heartfelt appreciation for the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to causes greater than themselves.

Now in its 50th year, Volunteer Week is a vibrant reminder that every volunteer is a beacon of change and that their contributions are the foundation of stronger, more resilient communities.

By acknowledging NSLS members' volunteer work and commitment, we celebrate our mission to Build Leaders Who Make a Better World and inspire others to take action.

The Heart of the NSLS: Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is at the core of the NSLS. This leadership style focuses on serving others, not just leading them. Servant leaders aim to enrich the lives of individuals, build better organizations, and ultimately create a more just and caring world.

NSLS chapters nationwide embody servant leadership by supporting local causes while fostering leadership skills. Many schools held events this spring focused on building a better world in their communities. Join us in celebrating their amazing work!

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The NSLS members at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln volunteer together for a local cat shelter

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's NSLS chapter demonstrated their commitment to the community by hosting a paw-some volunteer event and donation drive. Students crafted interactive toys for homeless cats and gathered essential supplies for The Cat House, a local cat shelter. Their efforts included generous donations of cat food and other necessities and made a true difference in the lives of local pets.

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

The University of Wisconsiin-Oshkosh NSLS members collect donations for the UWO food pantry

The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh's NSLS chapter orchestrated a campus-wide food drive in partnership with the advisor of their on-campus food pantry. Collection bins across campus were bursting at the seams with donations, including mac and cheese, pasta, Gatorade, rice, feminine products, and more. This initiative significantly supported fellow university students facing financial challenges.

Middle Georgia State University

Middle Georgia State University's NSLS Chapter recently exhibited outstanding leadership with an impactful community service project. Chapter members are working to engage with local and state government officials to seek further support and funding, continuing their advocacy against illegal dump sites.

Ivy Tech Community College-Columbus

Ivy Tech Columbus NSLS members assemble hair care kits for Beloved to help children in foster care

The NSLS chapter at Ivy Tech Community College in Columbus recently assembled over 200 hair care kits for children in foster care through the Indiana charity Beloved, demonstrating their dedication to providing support and kindness to vulnerable community members.

Houston Community College - Central

Houston Community College - Central NSLS chapter members host cancer prevention awareness event

The Houston Community College - Central campus chapter hosted an impactful cancer prevention awareness event, illuminating this crucial issue that touches so many lives. The lineup featured two esteemed medical professionals sharing their research alongside a delightful cake-decorating contest judged by none other than the Dean of Students and President.

Wallace State Community College-Hanceville

NSLS members at  NSLS chapter at Wallace State Community College-Hanceville volunteer to clean local shelters

The NSLS chapter at Wallace State Community College-Hanceville devoted their time to cleaning local shelters and community centers, reinforcing their commitment to community service and leadership. Their selfless service is a great example of making a positive impact where it’s needed most.

Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University NSLS members create Valentine cards and candy for local foster children

The Executive Board at Lipscomb University held a Valentine's Day community service event to spread joy to their community. Members channeled their inner Cupids to create heartfelt cards and candy cups for children at a local foster home. 

Ivy Tech Community College - South Bend/Elkhart

Ivy Tech South Bend/Elkhart NSLS members collect over 400 children's books

Ivy Tech Community College's South Bend/Elkhart NSLS chapter hosted a campus-wide children's book drive, collecting over 400 books. This initiative will greatly benefit young readers in the community, fostering a love for reading and learning.

NSLS Members Make a Better World

Volunteer Week reminds us of the great things that happen when we come together. NSLS members and chapters embody servant leadership through their commitment to volunteering, proving that leadership is fundamentally about service.

As we celebrate these efforts, let's be inspired to contribute to our own communities, knowing that every small act of service is a step towards a better world.

How are you making a difference? Share your volunteer stories so we can continue to celebrate the amazing work NSLS members do!

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