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Suze Orman Speaks Financial Health In The NSLS Webcast

As many Americans face economic hardship during the COVID-19 outbreak, we were so excited to feature personal finance expert Suze Orman last month in our Leading From Home Broadcast Webinar series.

Suze is one of the most respected voices in the financial world and is known for providing practical strategies and thoughtful money advice on how people can prepare for short and long term goals, repair bad credit, and identify steps needed for economic maintenance and recovery. 

Members who shared their communication style with @theNSLS and include #theNSLS on social media are entered to win a $50 gift card. 

  • Daniel Sefa, University of PhoenixMadeline Zelazo, Online Chapter

  • Taleeyah Bass, Alabama A&M University 

Click Here to watch the Suze Orman Webcast.