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Thriving by Forgiving Yourself


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As she began to heal, it became clear to Jennifer Kauffman that she needed to share how she survived the Boston Marathon Bombing. Through the making of her documentary, she realized she had to reconcile internal wounds. In the second part of my conversation with Jennifer, she shares how you can get unstuck and change the trajectory of your life. It all starts with forgiving yourself. 

Did you miss the first episode? Listen to it here.

Heal Within by Forgiving Yourself

A group of survivors used to meet weekly at a hospital in Boston. As Jennifer was driving home from a meeting, a truck cut her off. She swelled up with rage, blaring the horn, and racing down the street trying to catch the truck. The truck made it through the light but she was forced to stop.

As she sat there, she found herself in a state of shock. Who was she? She started to sob. At that moment, her inner critic became a terrorist. She believes that if she had acted on her rage, she would have been no different than the two men who bombed the Boston Marathon.

Become Your Own Cheerleader

Jennifer never felt like she was good enough. Though she achieved great things throughout her life, she was always seeking more. When she accomplished something, she’d experience a momentary bit of happiness that would quickly dissolve. But she was disconnected from herself. 

She had to learn to be her own cheerleader and stop cutting herself down. She had to learn to love herself despite the mistakes she’d made. Becoming your own cheerleader sets you up to manifest greater things. Once you become your own best friend, amazing opportunities and people will emerge along your path.

Getting Unstuck and Gaining a Clear Path

Do you feel fulfilled and happy? If not, Jennifer implores you to look at your life. What would make you feel fulfilled and happy? What is not serving you? Can you take steps to resolve those things? It’s easier to start with what’s not working and take steps toward rising above. 

When Jennifer was in the hospital, a voice in her head said she needed to heal naturally. She had no idea how but she knew that if she was going to die the next day, she didn’t want to be in the hospital. She believes that if you take the first step, the universe works in your favor. The right people will start to show up. If you lean in and it feels right, take that step forward. 

Every day is different and we don't know how life will unfold. But when you give yourself space to be, something magical happens. You have to continue to let go of what no longer serves you. Jennifer shares how you can begin this process in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [1:06] How to heal internal wounds
  • [5:20] If you are your own worst critic
  • [7:41] How to get unstuck and gain a clear path
  • [10:30] Letting go of everything that no longer serves you

Listen to the bonus episode to learn the importance of coming to terms with unresolved traumas and why forgiving ourselves is the first step toward happiness.