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Using Your Voice to Change the World


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Bryan Terrell Clark, a highly successful actor, says that when your life aligns with your purpose, you’ll shine bright. And when you are your most authentic self, you can use your voice to change the world. Don’t miss this encouraging and inspiring episode of Motivational Mondays.

Develop Who You Are to Reach Success

Bryan recently got to shoot a scene in a film with Billy Porter. Between takes, they had moments to talk about how everyone’s journey is different. Most young people want to get where they’re going fast. But Bryan emphasizes that you don’t want it fast—you want it to last.

The things that you’re working toward are coming but the question is, who will you be when they arrive? You have to take the time in between to develop who you are so you can handle the platforms that you’re seeking out.

Your Passions Lead to Your Purpose

Bryan believes that your passion leads to your purpose. He doesn’t believe it's a coincidence that he works on projects that have a strong social justice voice. They’re pieces that shed light in dark areas and amplify voices that aren’t heard. 

You need to be clear on your purpose to manifest it into existence. When something doesn’t align with your purpose, you have to have the strength to say no. You also have to be careful what you’re pouring into people. What do you want society to be? How do you reinforce that through the stories you tell?

Find Your Voice to Change the World

People want to be famous and they want to be known. But for what? What do you have to say and contribute? You have to make sure you define success from within. If you know you’re supposed to contribute something, Brian firmly believes that you’re right about those feelings.

If the doors aren’t opening now, that doesn’t mean it’s not right. It just means you’re in preparation mode. Don’t squander the opportunity because your character isn’t honed. Above all, don’t try to be what you think everyone wants. Instead, be your true self. People who blend in aren’t being innovative or authentic, they’re silencing their voice.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [2:10] How it feels to excel at your craft
  • [3:34] Why it’s okay to want more out of life
  • [6:50] Why Bryan believes your passions lead to your purpose
  • [8:30] How to know when things don’t align with your purpose
  • [13:24] Why you need to contribute something valuable in your pursuits
  • [19:09] How you thrive when you are your most authentic self
  • [23:56] If you can handle getting what you’re jealous of

Listen to the bonus episode to learn about the importance of being innovative and why you should never fear making yourself heard.