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10 Websites to Make Your Writing Charismatic and Powerful

This week we would like to share a guest post by tutor and blogger, Julia Petersen. Julia has provided us with ten online resources she feels will take your writing to the next level and make it easier along the way.

10 Websites to Make Your Writing Charismatic and Powerful

It's the dream of every writer to pen a flawless piece of work applauded by all. However, most people find it impossible to write after a few sentences. There are literary enthusiasts who have magnificent ideas and extraordinary imaginations, but fail to channel this into their writing.

In the modern day competitive world of writing, gaining mastery over language has become important for almost everyone. The following websites will help you rapidly develop your writing skills.


Developed by top linguists, this well-known application has the ability to correct over 250 grammar mistakes with ease.

Grammarly works on the web on all platforms, providing precise suggestions to the writer and enabling him/her to rectify mistakes instantly.

Simply put, this is the best editing application out there for any kind of writing.


This website specializes in finding overused words and expressions, which can make content monotonous and degrade the topic to a menial level.

Having an editing tool like Wordcounter will help writers identify their errors and allow them to restrict future repetitive word and phrase usage.


This editing tool offers suggestions for how to make content more reader friendly.  Many writers use grandiose words to prove their knowledge of the language; however this may turn readers off and cause them to detest the piece without a second thought.

Hemingway highlights potential replacement words, hard-to-read sentences, unwanted adverb usage, and more to make the content look simple and beautiful.


This writing assistance agency features professional writers, proofreaders, and editors available to help in all categories.

Visitors to the website gain access to a wide variety of information, including general advice, tips, and guides, as well as infographics.


It may not be possible to develop a thorough vocabulary overnight, but Power Thesaurus can help by providing a huge bank of synonyms for any word, developed by lexicographers around the world.

By applying apt synonyms, your content will become unique and impressive.


This is the perfect private application for those looking to conceal their writing. provides offline and online protection along with options to enable public visibility if the writer is interested in sharing their work.

Moreover, this app provides maximum screen space, allowing the writer to be free of the distractions that often produce disconnected thoughts.


This tool allows writers to upload audio or video files, which are automatically transcribed into accurate and printable text files.

Many major broadcasting companies recognize the capabilities of this tool and currently use it in their operations.


Rhyming words can sometimes make your work appear eloquent and artistic. With the click of a button, this website will present numerous rhymes for any word, broken down by the number of syllables.


Most writers have experienced nervousness when starting a new piece or struggled to translate their ideas into sentences and paragraphs.

This website randomly suggests imagination prompts, which provide inspiration and awareness for how to begin writing.


This app is designed for everyday situations in which people find themselves stuck and unable to move forward. There are many queries related to writing, and the app’s suggestions are extremely useful for moving past writer’s block.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional writer, these 10 websites and apps will help you improve and hone your craft. Use these tools for writing effective and powerful presentations, articles, letters, papers, and more, taking your abilities to the next level.

See Julie's latest publications via Linkedin.