The National Society of Leadership and Success
Building leaders who make a better world

As a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping each student succeed, the NSLS has aligned around the highest educational standards in the nation and makes a bold commitment to providing meaningful learning experiences that inspire students to engage on their campus or school, driven with a new passion and purpose to succeed.

Our unique approach prioritizes integration and multi-disciplinary engagement through exclusive content, dynamic leadership experiences and building community. Traditional leadership development programs weren’t built for the needs of organizations today. Most are designed for efficiency, a one-size-fits-all approach that’s removed from the realities of everyday work.

Using leadership theory and technology, we have created a new model of leadership that enables students to effectively develop leadership capabilities for the modern workplace.  

Our core principles that guide our work include:

Our Approach to Education


Leadership skills do not always come naturally. Our programs challenge members to become comfortable with facing challenges and potentially ambiguous outcomes.

Our program structure allows for a widely diverse population to succeeded. Our platform offers learning experiences in a variety of different scenarios and approaches to engage members of all backgrounds.

Reflective practice is the best way for leaders to evolve. When applied, individuals organizations, and communities can evaluate, change, and adapt to new ways of leadership thinking.

It is crucial to have a community mindset because communities give us accountability and confidence to adapt to new ways of thinking and acting.