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What Is the ROI of the NSLS?

Life-changing leadership programming is at the heart of what we do at The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) to further our mission of building leaders who make a better world. 

Our programming is a clear value-add to students who can earn college credits, learn the specific skills employers are seeking, and gain numerous other benefits like over $400,000 in annual scholarship opportunities, product discounts, and an exclusive job board with employers specifically wanting to hire NSLS members. 

But what value does the NSLS offer institutions?


Like any form of programming, administrators need to understand the value it provides and weigh it against the cost.

To explain the ROI of the NSLS succinctly and make your decision-making process easier, we put together the infographic below. You can also download a copy here

NSLS Return on Investment. For only 15-20 hours of staff time each semester, see up to a 37% increase in student retention

The Benefits and Value of the NSLS

One of the biggest benefits the NSLS offers institutions is that it’s turn-key and pre-built, meaning that administrators don’t have to increase their own workload to bring the NSLS to their schools.

After a short onboarding session, chapters begin to run themselves, fostering a community of on-campus leaders that will take the reins.

Here are some other key ways the NSLS provides value:

  • First Year Free
    • We’ve made starting a chapter as easy as possible, including waiving the fee for the first year so you can focus on student engagement and retention.
  • Financially Self-Sustainable
    • We don’t stop supporting chapters after the first year, either. Chapters are designed to become self-funded, and our dedicated Chapter Success team helps ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Proven Student Retention
    • Our programming is community-driven and is proven to increase retention rates. Delgado Community College enjoyed an 81 percent semester-to-semester retention rate utilizing the NSLS. 
  • Guaranteed Student Engagement
    • Engaging students with events, team-building exercises, community service, and more can make a significant difference on campus.
  • Virtual or In-Person
    • Students can experience our transformative programming on campus or in the comfort of their own homes, providing a great way to connect students even in hybrid environments.

The Cost of the NSLS

All of these benefits lead to the obvious question: What is the true cost of starting an NSLS chapter at your school? 

We estimate that administrators spend about 10 to 20 hours per semester. This includes events like our Speaker Broadcasts, which feature the biggest names in leadership, entertainment, and business, and fostering a sense of community that creates an atmosphere of inclusiveness among the student body.

Our pre-built approach to leadership programming was developed with administrators in mind so they would not have to take on extra work.

We provide empowering leadership development that helps re-engage, reconnect, and retain students while cultivating their leadership potential and building on what they learn in the classroom to set them up for career success.

Are you ready to bring the NSLS to your school?