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The Value of the NSLS at Your School

Besides bringing our transformative leadership development programming to your students, launching an NSLS chapter at your school is a value-add for advisors and institutions as a whole. 

Here's how: 

NSLS Advisor Benefits

For advisors, the NSLS creates a way to engage and retain students through our leadership programming while also helping administrators enhance their own skills and careers.

Advisor benefits include:

On the left side, a woman in purple with a floral scarf poses for a portrait. On the right side there’s a list of NSLS advisor benefits, which include: free professional development; national networking opportunities; align programming with departmental student learning outcomes; provide life-changing development for students; a chance to leave a legacy on campus.

NSLS Student Benefits

When students become NSLS members, they immediately gain access to a wide range of developmental and professional tools that they can utilize now and well into the future.

These benefits include:

On the left side, a student in a green shirt with a backpack on one shoulder holds a notebook for a portrait. On the right is a bullet list of NSLS student benefits, which includes: over $400,000 in annual scholarship opportunities; certification, digital badges, and personalized letters of recommendation; career coaching, soft-skill development, interview prep, and more; exclusive online job board full of employers seeking NSLS members; NSLS-certified mentorship pairing.

NSLS Institutional Benefits

Bringing the NSLS to your school also impacts your overall institution by improving the student experience and fostering a community of local leaders who are engaged and active on campus.

Other institutional benefits include:

On the left, a school clock tower stretches into a blue sky with green foliage surrounding its cathedral-like doors. On the right is a list of NSLS institutional benefits, which include increased retention rates, a financially self-sustainable program, guaranteed student engagement, low cost and time requirements, and assessment reporting.

Are you ready to bring the NSLS to your school?