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Benefiting you personally, professionally and academically ...

"A lot of people look at my resume and they are very impressed. They haven't really heard of the program but [say] this is amazing that you had so many members in such a short amount of time and you initiated these steps and planned events. People are really interested in that and it shows that you take initiative - that you are an independent worker and you have the creativity to accomplish the tasks."

What are the benefits of the internship?

  • Gain real world experience and receive a $1500 paid stipend
  • Attend an all-expenses-paid leadership training retreat
  • Receive an on-campus internship with flexible hours around your class schedule
  • Develop the essential leadership skills employers and graduate schools are looking for
  • Learn skills in the following: Management, Budgeting, Fundraising, Communication, Public Speaking, Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning
  • Get more students involved on campus and build a legacy

What skills will I develop in the internship?

  • Management: Recruit and manage a 5-12-person Executive Board.
  • Budgeting: Develop and implement a budget for speakers, community service and social events.
  • Fundraising: Get your community involved in supporting the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Communication: Implement cutting edge technology during the interactive broadcast events.
  • Public Speaking: Represent the NSLS on your campus.
  • Marketing: Create local marketing campaigns to enhance your chapter's image and involvement.
  • Public Relations: Develop relationships with administrators and groups on your campus.

What are some other benefits of the internship?

  • Exclusive trip to a training retreat: The internship also includes an all expense paid training retreat. Travel expenses including meals and hotel accommodations are covered by the NSLS. During the retreat, you will receive rigorous training, materials and mentoring that will prepare you to make founding a chapter a reality.
  • Develop leadership competency: The NSLS provides chapter Presidents all the resources to encourage advancement among members, as well as a roadmap for effective leadership.
  • Applicable management aptitude: Once the chapter is established, you will become the Student President of your chapter. This is a vital role as the members you recruit will look to you, along with a Faculty/Staff Advisor you find, for guidance, encouragement and strong leadership.
  • Capability to empower others to see your vision: Your chapter will have an Executive Board that you appoint, each with specific responsibilities you delegate to achieve one shared mission - hosting a successful chapter.
  • Leave a legacy behind: Rather than just providing a one time event, the NSLS distinguishes itself from other programs by integrating a year long speaker series with training in personal goal setting, team meetings to set peers accountable for each other, and mentorship. You will be a part of this "positive change" even beyond graduation.
  • A career builder for your future success: The internship Program will challenge you in many facets of management and professional advancement that is applicable in any career or industry field. What a great way to competitively distinguish yourself in your future job search!