The National Society of Leadership and Success
Building leaders who make a better world

National Survey of Society Members

We conduct annual national surveys of all our members and continuously strive to incorporate feedback to improve our program.

would recommend the Society
to their peers
indicated the Society impacted their
likelihood of achieving their life goals
reported that the Society impacted
their likelihood of landing their
desired future job
believe the program was worth
their time spent
report they have improved their
decision making skills, self-awareness,
respect for others, ability to be
assertive and interpersonal
relationship skills
of Society members transitioning into
careers landed the job of their choice
upon graduating and nearly 80% of those
students attributed their success to
the Society's program
"It is more than receiving honors and getting to wear a pretty gold chord at graduation. The Society helps you focus on what you really want out of life and helps you network with people who are reaching towards the same success as you."
Shaven Jones (University of Memphis)
"By joining NSLS you may develop more powerful ideas, enhance communication among people who want to succeed in their goals, broaden your contact network, and gain plenty of motivation and confidence to accomplish most of your objectives."
Lucas Fernandes (Middlesex Community College)
"The Society offers you everything you could ever want in a college experience in one, neatly organized group, dedicated to success and opportunity."
Shanika McKoy (University of Hartford)

May 2017 survey of 82,055 inducted members with 10% responding