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Jennifer Dinell
Purdue University - Calumet

My name is Jennifer Lynn Dinell, and for the past two years, I have been a member of Purdue University Calumet's chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success.  In my first and second year of membership, I have maintained the position of Vice President of Operations.

I was asked to join the NSLS by the NSLS president. At the time I was asked, I was involved in only one other student organization and I felt that I had the time to put into another organization. Honestly speaking, I joined the NSLS at first only so that I could place the title on my resume. As I got more involved with the NSLS, however, I found myself craving the motivation I received from the NSLS's presenters as well as my fellow members. I was addicted to the motivation I felt after attending a NSLS meeting. To this day, I cannot wait until our next meeting.

This motivation I was receiving from the NSLS gave me the ability to do things that I never thought that I could do. Within the course of a year, I joined five other organizations on campus as well as maintained a 3.83 GPA. I believe that I would never have been able to do what I have done or what I am presently doing without the feedback from the NSLS presenters and my networking group. It is because of the NSLS that I have helped our school pursue its strategic plan, because of the goals that I have set for myself and for my organizations.

My involvement with the NSLS has honestly given more to me then I have given to it. I find myself a more self-motivated, hardworking, caring, and philanthropic individual because of the NSLS. My experience with the NSLS has led me to create future goals for myself. These goals include returning to Purdue University Calumet, after graduation, to join the Purdue University Calumet Alumni Association and to receive my Master's Degree in Elementary Education. I also plan to attend Erikson Institute in Chicago to receive a second Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

I would like to thank the National Society of Leadership and Success for that it has done for me educationally and personally. Thinking about it, I do not believe my college experience would have been as fulfilling if I had not joined the NSLS. I intend to use the information I have received from the NSLS in my future career as an elementary education teacher.