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This NSLS Chapter in The Bahamas Puts the Focus on Community Service

As we look ahead to summer, we're excited to shine the spotlight on an NSLS chapter in one of the sunniest places on Earth: The Bahamas.

The University of The Bahamas chapter was founded in 2007, has over 1,500 current members, and nearly 700 proud alumni. They had over 300 new members join this past semester with a 91% induction rate, exemplifying the passion these students have to learn the skills that will drive their success and help them initiate positive change.

Community Service With a Sunny Disposition 

Community service plays an important role in college communities and beyond.

This past semester, members at the University of The Bahamas completed 1,415 hours of community service, living our mission of developing one's leadership skills to not only grow and advance in your career, but to also create real change. 

Considering its island topography, it's no surprise that one of the best ways for this chapter to make an impact on the community is by sustaining its stunning beaches. 

Keeping The Bahamas "Clean, Green, and Pristine" 

They recently partnered with Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounters for a widespread beach clean-up, which was also sponsored by Coca-Cola. 

With a goal of keeping The Bahamas "Clean, Green, and Pristine," sixteen chapter members set out to collect trash and document the discoveries to help track data.

Dolphin Encounters worked alongside the NSLS to gather that quantitative data to further monitor the rate of pollution in The Bahamas. 

Other Accomplishments of The Bahamas Chapter

This chapter's impact extends well beyond the beach. 

They were recently nominated for Student Organization of the Year as part of the university's Mingoes Awards, which recognizes individual students and organizations in academics, leadership, and athletics who are continuously involved in the community and civic deeds. 

Community service is a key component when being nominated for the Student Organization of the Year award. With high student engagement and an emphasis on community-building, the University of The Bahamas chapter sets a great example for other student organizations and NSLS chapters. 

Most recently, they completed a community service initiative and donation drive for a local senior citizen home.

Student Standouts

Last semester, two students from the University of The Bahamas were awarded scholarships from the NSLS

Jerez Rolle earned an Academic Excellence Scholarship, which recognizes inducted members that demonstrate leadership skills and high academic standing. 

Quaneisha Fernander was awarded a Practicing Leadership Scholarship, given to members completing the Advanced Leadership Certification. This advanced offering from the NSLS shifts the focus from self-growth to serving others. To put her skills into action, Quaneisha organized a book drive for the Ranfurly Homes for Children and collected 147 books. 

Hear her inspiring message below: 

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