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NSLS Chapters and Advisors of the Year 2024

We are thrilled to announce the recognition of exemplary chapters and advisors of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). These individuals and groups have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, commitment, and excellence in leadership development, significantly impacting their communities and beyond.

In today's ever-evolving world, the importance of leadership cannot be overstated. Strong leaders inspire change, foster growth, and drive innovation, setting the stage for success in every sphere of life.

2024 NSLS Chapter of the Year: Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Each year, the NSLS awards Chapter of the Year to a chapter that demonstrates outstanding leadership. This year's recipient is Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi NSLS Chapter

The chapter excels in volunteering, social events, and leadership programming, including its award-winning Homecoming Spirit Team. From hosting events for Habitat for Humanity and Kids Against Hunger, to participating in beach clean-ups and fundraising events for the Ronald McDonald house, this chapter continues to make an incredible impact in their community.

They are a great example of what our NSLS members can achieve when they come together! Go Islanders! 

2024 NSLS Advisor of the Year: Jalessa Nunez

The NSLS is proud to honor Jaleesa Nunez, the Student Life Coordinator at West Virginia State University, as the Advisor of the Year. Through her dedication and hard work, she has kept the NSLS chapter alive and thriving, providing students with numerous opportunities for growth and leadership.

Jaleesa Nunez NSLS Advisor at West Virginia State University

Her mentorship and unwavering support have inspired many, including the chapter's student president, to actively engage and excel in their roles. 

NSLS Distinguished Chapters 2024

Five additional NSLS chapters stood out as incredible examples of leadership and service in 2024.


The NSLS at the University of North Texas (UNT) stood out this year as a Distinguished Chapter. The UNT chapter excels in aligning the university's values with the NSLS mission, fostering a community where members can network, develop professionally, and engage in community service.

The NSLS at the University of North Texas

Their initiatives, such as professional development events and strategic marketing, ensure broad student engagement and personal growth, creating a supportive environment for emerging leaders.


The NSLS chapter at the University of Dubuque has shown remarkable community commitment and leadership development. They have volunteered to create hygienic bags for a homeless shelter, worked at a local farmstead, and engaged in professional development activities like resume building and mock interviews.

University of Dubuque NSLS Chapter

The chapter also plans to maintain community gardens and natural wildlife. They actively involve new members through orientations and leadership training while participating in broader campus initiatives and programs to showcase their leadership abilities.

Norfolk State University

The NSLS at Norfolk State University (NSU) exemplifies dedication to the NSLS mission, chapter development, and member growth through leadership training, mentorship programs, workshops, and volunteer activities.

Norfolk State University NSLS Chapter

The chapter's impactful initiatives, such as community service projects led by members like Elijah, Rebecca Williams, and Mary Reid, the NSLS Social Chairs, have indeed excelled in fostering a sense of community within the organization during the 2023-2024 academic year.

University of Central Florida

UCF's NSLS chapter has experienced significant growth, surpassing a 40% membership induction rate in 2021, thanks to dedicated officers and supportive leadership. Advisors actively engage in meetings and respond to inquiries, while officers strategically plan and execute initiatives like monthly social events and online engagement competitions to foster community and increase program success.

University of Central Florida NSLS Chapter

By prioritizing member involvement and networking opportunities, the chapter exemplifies the NSLS's mission of building leadership skills and fostering community connections.

Delaware State UniversitY

Founded in 2016, the Delaware State University chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success has grown to over 3,000 members committed to community and self-improvement through community drives, campus events, and leadership initiatives.

The NSLS at Delaware State University

This past year, they significantly impacted their community by collecting over 50 canned goods during Thanksgiving and hosting a clothing drive and feminine product collection for a local shelter. 


We're excited to recognize two additional NSLS Advisors for their leadership and contributions to their chapters.


Danielle Fry, Distinguished Advisor of the Year at Penn State Altoona, exemplifies authentic leadership through her honesty, dedication, and willingness to listen. She goes above and beyond to help her chapter organize events and secure necessary funds while acting as a resource, mentor, and advocate.

Danielle Fry NSLS Advisor at Penn State Altoona

Danielle's integrity and support were especially evident when she helped transform a fall festival idea into the successful Halloween "Boo Bash" community event.


Stacey Malaret, Distinguished Advisor of the Year at the University of Central Florida, embodies authentic leadership through her dedication to guiding multiple student organizations and teaching leadership courses.

Stacey Malaret UCF NSLS Advisor

Balancing her roles as director, adjunct professor, and Advisor to four organizations, Stacey consistently supports and educates students, promptly addressing their inquiries and facilitating smooth operations for the NSLS chapter.

The Importance of Leadership Programming

Congratulations again to all our exemplary chapters and advisors for their outstanding achievements. Your dedication to leadership development is inspiring and sets a benchmark for others.

As we continue to emphasize the importance of leadership programming, we look forward to seeing even more impactful contributions from our community.

Remember, great leaders aren't born; they are made through hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to making the world a better place.