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Questioning Your NSLS Membership?

Thank you for becoming an NSLS Member. We’re sorry to hear that you’re questioning the purchase of your membership. Complete the form on this page and an NSLS Member Experience Specialist will be in touch.

At the NSLS, we understand how much is on your plate as you balance school, work, friends, and family. We also know how expensive earning your degree can be, while also dealing with life. For those reasons, we strive to build a leadership development program that will help you build a valuable set of skills to give you an edge in the employment market, and to positively impact your community. 

We also provide you with access to a number of benefits that help offset the cost of the membership, such as:

  • We award over $400,000 in scholarships exclusively for NSLS members.
  • Access to a members-only Job Board.
  • Personalized Letter of Recommendation.
  • Access to hundreds of partner discounts like Target, CampusBooks, Dell, and so many more.
  • Premier partnerships with like-minded organizations such as Aspiration, who provide a partial refund on enrollment fees when you open a new account.

National Online Chapter

We’ve also created the National Online Chapter for members who have too many time or location constraints and cannot attend chapter events in person. This chapter has members from across the country and provides the flexibility to complete your steps to induction at your own time and pace. 

As a member of the National Online Chapter, you do not need to RSVP for virtual events on your chapter’s calendar or try and carve out time to attend one of our on campus events.