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Welcome to the student marketing representative hub

This is your go-to source for all the tools & materials you’ll need to be successful in your role! 

If you need additional assistance, please email us at For urgent needs, text Erica Phelps at 601-215-5277.

Frequently asked questions

This document contains frequently asked questions (and answers), so you can familiarize yourself, and educate the students you’ll interact with.


Work Submission Form/Timesheet: Submit the hours you worked during an event or activity. This will ensure you get paid on time.

(The below forms are only important if you are holding in person events on campus)

Student Interaction Form: Use this to keep track of the students who joined NSLS during one of the events being hosted. For example, if you have a student at a tabling event who decided to join, you would fill out this form for them.

Event Recap Form: Use this form after every tabling event to provide insights to the National Office. We’ll use this to learn and improve. 

Material Request Form: If you run out of materials, such as pens or pop sockets, you can submit this form to request more.

Campus Event Expenses Form: Use this to submit any approved expenses you accrue as an SMR.

get in touch

Need to speak with someone at the National Office? Email the team at, or use this link to schedule a meeting with Erica Phelps.

nsls student marketing representative playbook

This guide teaches best practices to positively impact more students, and increase awareness of NSLS across your campus.