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tristan_thompsonThe NSLS is more than just an “Organization”. It is a life boost, career boost, and an emotional boost. To share a little about myself, I am a 3-Year High School graduate and I attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. I went into college instantly looking for organizations and clubs but had no luck my freshman year or the beginning of my sophomore year. To this day, I still say, “I didn’t find the NSLS, the NSLS found me at the right time.”

I was inducted into the NSLS the spring semester of my sophomore year. Since being inducted, I have gained a better sense of confidence, leadership, and my communication skills have improved. I now feel like I can help my peers become better versions of themselves. The motivational speakers and workshops have helped with my confidence and vision for the future of who I want to become. The NSLS has made me into a leader and given me the confidence to reach out to others so our future can be full of leaders.

I definitely recommend the NSLS to anyone in search of an organization that will benefit and support their vision. I would like to personally thank the NSLS for inducting me and changing my perspective on my future!