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The NSLS is the largest leadership honor society in the United States, with 700+ college chapters and more than 1.2 million members training to become stronger leaders each day.

As an accredited leadership training program, the NSLS aligns with the WGU mission of teaching students skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

● Leadership Training: During the 5-step program, students receive tools to identify and achieve their goals, while developing in-demand skills such as leadership, team building, and effective communication.

● Scholarships & Awards: NSLS members get access to more than $350,000 in exclusive scholarships each year, plus assistance with books and tuition.

● Flexible Schedule: Many students earn their leadership certification online in just 12 hours— and on a schedule that works for them. Perfect for WGU students, many of whom are balancing full course-loads with family and full-time jobs.

● Social Events & Networking: Members join a community of student leaders from 700+ chapters across the country, where they’ll meet new friends and make lifelong connections.

● Job Board: With NSLS on their resumes, members stand out to employers and gain a competitive edge over other candidates for internships, grad programs, and future jobs.

● Letters of Recommendation: Members receive personalized letters of recommendation showcasing their accomplishments and leadership training.

● Partner Discounts: Members save hundreds of dollars each year on goods and services from big-name brands.

● Live Speaker Broadcasts: Members attend live-streamed events with industry leaders, celebrities, and best-selling authors to learn the secrets to success. In 2021, our new featured speakers will be Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and more on the way!

The NSLS program consists of 5 key steps:

1. Orientation: New members learn the steps to success and what to expect from their NSLS experience.

2. Leadership Training Day: Members complete an interactive video training session where they identify goals and overcome obstacles.

3. Three Speaker Broadcasts: Live-streamed events with industry leaders, celebrities and best-selling authors; along with access to a full on-demand library of past speakers.

4. Three Success Networking Team Meetings: Members are assigned to small peer groups and meet bi-weekly through video chat to set goals and hold each other accountable.

5. Induction: Members receive their Foundations of Leadership certificate at a live virtual ceremony honoring their achievements and lifetime membership into NSLS.

Candidacy is determined by the local Chapter Leaders.

The criteria for invitation set by Western Governors University is Student Academic Progress of 90% or greater, and 16+ CEUs for undergraduate degrees (or 10+ CEU for graduate degree students).

  • Students who received their invitations may enter their nomination codes to join at
  • Students who have NOT received an invitation may still apply to join by filling out the self-nomination form. The Chapter Advisor will review the application and determine eligibility.

NSLS members pay a one-time registration fee of $95 when applying to join the organization. The fee includes all membership benefits and partner discounts. Membership does not expire or need renewing.

Once you have completed the steps to become an official member of the NSLS, your membership items are sent to your local chapter leaders to present to you during the induction ceremony. Your membership kit includes a t-shirt, certificate, car decal, pin and plaque (if purchased during registration).

When you join some organizations, the information you receive focuses on the material, tangible benefits you receive from membership. The items in your membership kit are nice side benefits, but are definitely not the real value you gain from achieving membership in The National Society of Leadership and Success.

The intangibles that you gain from membership will drive your future and establish you as a leader among your peers, and include: improved self-esteem, peer leadership skills, sustainable motivation and drive, paradigms that will help you discover and achieve your dreams, real world skills that will help you outperform your peers in the workplace and an enviable network of movers and shakers that are all a part of the drive to create lasting positive change in the world.

You additionally will receive other tangible benefits such as online resources on our website, customized letters of recommendation for prospective employers or graduate schools, graduation accessories that you may purchase and wear at your graduation to display your membership in our organization, access to exclusive scholarships and awards, Success Coaches and our entire Keynote speaker series.

Click here to see a list and explanation of our membership benefits.

The invitation process takes approximately 23 days from start to finish, and consists of 3 emails and 2 printed pieces.

1. Pre-invitation email
Day 1; Emailed to student

>>> “Congratulations, you’ve been nominated to join. Keep an eye out for an official invitation in the mail.”

2. Invitation (printed)
7-10 days after “Pre-invitation email”; Sent to student’s home

>>> Official printed invitation.

3. Postcard (printed)
7-8 days after "Invitation" / 1 Week before deadline; Sent to student’s home

>>> Follow up to the official invitation. Reiterate membership benefits.

4. Reminder email
7-8 days after "Invitation"; Emailed to student

>>> Reminder of upcoming deadline.

5. Deadline email
Sent on day of the registration deadline; Emailed to student

>>> Last chance to join messaging.

For information on exact dates, please contact Ann Greiman, Chapter Advisor at