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Advice from 2024 Grads

Welcome to a journey of inspiration, empowerment, and leadership. As members of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), you are part of a community that believes in the power of dreams, the strength to overcome challenges, and the importance of lifting others as we rise. 

Advice from NSLS Members Graduating in 2024

Today, we bring a collection of profound insights and heartfelt advice from our 2024 graduates. Their words reflect the essence of going after your goals with determination, navigating through obstacles with resilience, inspiring others to achieve greatness, and understanding the vital role of support and teamwork in leadership.

Through their experiences, you will discover the true meaning of servant leadership and the incredible value the NSLS can bring to your journey.

As Rashmi Shree Veeraiah wisely puts it, "Pursue your goals boldly." Let this and the following advice ignite your passion and guide you toward a future filled with motivation and excitement.


Pursue your goals boldly


"Participating in the NSLS helped me recognize and showcase my strengths, boosted my confidence, and gave me a can-do attitude when I needed it most. It taught me to pursue my goals boldly and trust that I can figure things out as I go, without fear."

Rashmi Shree Veeraiah
San Jose State University



Celebrate Everything


"Celebrate every tiny success. Don't focus on what's hard to do right now, ask for help. Remember, these goals aren't set in stone. They are made to be adjusted. You didn't get your goal done in time? You didn't fail!!! You just need to re-evaluate to see if is truly actionable within the specific time limit you gave yourself. If not, then adjust your goals accordingly. This just opened up to new opportunities. Whose life are you going to change today?"

Bethamie Montieth
Southern New Hampshire University

Self Awareness is Key


"Make small achievable goals. The NSLS helped me know how to set up goals and what that process looked like to help quantify my ability to achieve them. Being self aware of your strengths and weakness helps you achieve your goals and that looks different for everyone. Knowing when to self-care is important as a leader."

Michelle D. Keener
For Hays State University



Overcome Obstacles

Delayed is Not Denied

efc0290b0dbd-inbound3654746927372353525"Delayed is not denied. There were many obstacles that came my way that made me want to give up many times, but I'm grateful for CSU and the NSLS because they helped keep me grounded and pushed me into moving forward each day."

Crystal Bailey
Columbia Southern University



Progress, Not Perfection

3a9ce608b3f9-20240518_143557"I wish I had known before graduation that nobody cares how imperfect you are. We are all just humans figuring life out as we go. There were times I stumbled and made mistakes but how I reacted and fixed them was more significant than having made the mistake."

Melanie Poynter
Genesee Community College



Don't Give Up

172ddd007662-IMG_5388"I’m most proud of how I overcame. There was one point where I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to continue college, but I did. I didn’t give up and that’s what I’m most proud of. My biggest win is walking that stage. My biggest win is receiving that diploma that I worked tirelessly for."

Jaelan Boyd
University of South Carolina


Be Someone Others Can Look Up To

Show Them Anything is Possible

930a6da26610-inbound7220540544223675732"I am proud that after adopting my babies I am showing them anything is possible. Nothing can stand in your way. Advice I've received in the past is: 'time is going to pass you anyway, would you like something at the end of that time to show for it, or not?'"

Samantha Simpson
New Mexico State University




19fe3a89789c-NSLS_Induction_photo"A leader doesn't need to be the top dog, it needs to be the person who is going to change even just one person's day. You lead by example. And some of the best examples are the people who are right next to you."

Theresa Tesch
Genesee Community College





Guide Others

9d63f0c33406-IMG_0608"(Leadership means) helping others stay positive and motivated by sharing knowledge and inspiration, guiding them along their path to achieve their goals. I love that I could show my 2 sons (17 and 22) that you can do anything you dream of with a little work and determination."

Kathy Stuteville Riggs
Southwestern Oklahoma State University



Serve Others

Be Genuine


"Leadership is akin to love, and you serve the ones you love. Leadership is genuinely caring for others' successes over your own."

Gary West
Columbia Southern University



8f1a1c12f0ff-IMG_7423"Leadership means to guide others with a purpose, and be open to hearing from them. A good leader will be able to help those around them with compassion, understanding and a sense of responsibility."

Soriya Ung-Koy
University of the Pacific



Empower Others

b16bff6d7f8f-Photoroom_20240311_085747"To me, leadership is about inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential. I believe it's about setting a positive example through actions, communication, and integrity."

Owen Adams
Southern New Hampshire University



dc1fe406c07c-IMG_8266"Don’t ever be afraid to go above and beyond the call of duty to do better for yourself and others."

John Kelly
Anna Maria College




FInd Support

Seek OuT Your Community

a23c1def1d9a-Zayd_Gesturing_to_Crowd"Seek out your community. You have more in common with others than you may think; find out what connects you to others and use that as a foundation that connects you to where you're meant to be."

Zayd Hamid
George Mason University

Cultivate Relationships

9a5ee6c168b7-IMG_5040"Understanding that leadership extends beyond individual achievements and heavily relies on the connections and relationships you cultivate (is) invaluable. Building a network of mentors, peers, and professionals opens doors to collaborative opportunities, diverse perspectives, and invaluable support systems."

Rita Ghannam-Mashni
University of the Pacific




Surround Yourself with Positive People

1a54591fd052-IMG_7730"Don't allow anyone to stop you from success. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you."

Amanda White
DeVry University




What Can You Get OUt of the NSLS?

Amazing Achievements

39970908ac49-IMG_8423"The NSLS has pushed me to excel in my academics. With the support from the NSLS, I have achieved more than I thought was possible. My greatest accomplishment has been maintaining As throughout the entirety of the semester while taking 23 credit hours."

Skye Mayberry Lopilato
Hill College


Leadership Experience

f55dc8d7846d-IMG_4274"Being a member of the NSLS and especially serving as the Membership Outreach Chair was such an amazing experience. It helped me to learn and to hone in on leadership skills and to have a group of people who all supported each other. I am excited to continue my leadership learning with my Advanced and Executive classes."

Stephen Ghostley
Mott Community College

Major Inspiration

194d0cace73f-IMG_7712"Being able to hear from many inspirational leaders from the NSLS Speaker Broadcasts allowed me to continue growing as a leader and influenced me to continuously seek leadership opportunities!"

Kaylee Brown
Columbia College



Leadership Growth

d255f0a8afe6-IMG_9035"Leadership means (learning) how to become a better person. Since doing the Steps to Induction and then being inducted, I have grown as a leader both in the workplace and school."

Codi Meade
Edison State Community College




Time Management Skills

79a4da30a01f-IMG_4208"Time management was a huge factor. Being able to have clear boundaries and open communication with your support system makes working full time while going to school feasible.  Now that I have my Master's, a friend and I will open a community mental heath agency."

Calandria Owens
National University



You've Got This

The Sky is the Limit

28b72c337360-IMG_9772"Tamron Hall spoke about authenticity and that inspired me to trust the process and don’t change or conform unless I’m improving and sticking to what I stand for. I’m really proud of maintaining honors status while raising 5 kids and being a wife. I just looked up one day and here I am, I made it and want to say pursue more now that I know what I am capable of, I can actually relate to the saying, the sky is the limit."

Mia Bowie
DeVry University


See it Through

8931b9041010-IMG_1457"The piece of advice was one that I’d always tell my sons is 'once you start something, see it through', but this time it came from my wife saying it to me. My largest obstacle was just staying focused and following through to the end."

Brian Wischnewsky
Columbia Southern University




Work Hard

9ddad35a6958-IMG_9987"Work hard and achieve your dreams no matter how hard they are to achieve or how difficult it is to obtain it. Become a leader to others and a role model to look up to."

Jayla Newson
Kansas City Kansas Community College




Your Future is Waiting

Trust the Process

ad8bf407a439-SoA_Daniel_Cutimanco___Commencement"One of my favorite quotes: 'patience is a form of action'. Good things take time, trust the process and keep working with the belief that your victory is on the way. Don't stop believing!"

Daniel Cutimanco
University of Miami

A Brighter Future

1394a5c7e589-1713483952067"Genuine leadership isn't about occupying the forefront but standing shoulder-to-shoulder with others as we collectively journey toward a brighter future. It epitomizes vision, courage, and empathy—a driving force that propels organizations, communities, and societies toward a future characterized by progress, prosperity, and purpose."

Savannah Wilson
Capella University

Opportunity is Knocking

2b0e3c463211-502B1449_D96D_4604_B546_E0BBCE447E37"Have the courage to step to the door and the consistency to turn the key until the door opens. It is essential to recognize the value of being a part of (the NSLS) and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way."

Kameron Kimbrough
National Louis University



As you reflect on these powerful quotes and stories, remember that leadership is not just about the destination, but the journey and the people you inspire along the way.

The path may be filled with challenges, but it is also brimming with opportunities for growth, learning, and making a difference. Embrace the support of your peers, lead with a servant's heart, and cherish the teamwork that makes every achievement possible. 

The NSLS is more than a society; it is a family that nurtures your potential and celebrates your successes. Let the wisdom of our 2024 graduates be a beacon of light on your leadership journey.

As Kameron Kimbrough advises us, have the courage to step to the door of new opportunities, for greatness awaits just beyond the threshold.