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Go Beyond What’s Expected to Achieve Greater Success


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Robert Stevenson is one of the most widely sought-after speakers in the world today, as well as a best-selling author who helps build high-performing systems and teams. Robert has spoken to over 2,500 companies, and his research in the area of corporate and entrepreneurial success is extensive. His teachings are filled with what he’s learned from some of the most innovative, resourceful, and powerful companies in the world. In this episode, we’ll be discussing the key components to achieving success.

What Robert Wants His Readers to Remember

After Robert wrote his book Raise Your Line, he was having a hard time coming up with the right title. So he spoke with his 20-year-old son, hoping he would articulate something from Robert’s teachings through the years. But he said something Robert had never thought of, “It’s all about raising your line.” From birth to death, your life looks like a line. The things you do in life either raise your line or drop your line. You want your life to be about constantly raising that line. Struck by the simple accuracy of that explanation, Robert entitled his book, Raise Your Line.

See Your Company (and Yourself) Through the Eyes of Your Enemy

When working with Boeing, Robert learned a powerful principle that he calls, “Seeing through the eyes of the enemy.” Boeing’s management would assign four to six people to play the role of “spies'' for the competition. For six months, their jobs consisted of finding every way their competition might be able to beat Boeing in the marketplace. Then, they reported their findings. From there, the focus of management would be to shore up those areas of weakness. 

As a young leader, you can use this same principle to make yourself a better candidate for career positions, a sought after employee, and more. View failure as your enemy. Ask yourself, “What are the reasons I might fail or not get the job I applied for?” Then, get to work shoring up those areas.

Go Beyond What’s Expected to Magnify Success

As a job-seeker or college grad, you need to stand out in all the right ways when applying for your ideal position. Robert suggests you do so by going above and beyond. Employers are looking for the very best, not those who only want to “get by” doing the bare minimum. His advice, “Do more than is expected so that those who see the result say, ‘Wow!’ "

When you go beyond what’s expected, you’ll be remembered, talked about, and desired for future projects. Think of the ways you could do so when it comes to your resume, interview responses, or work samples. Standing out in the crowd is paramount to give yourself the greatest advantage as you forge ahead in your career path.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [00:53] How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys
  • [03:05] The meaning behind “Raising Your Line”
  • [09:06] Viewing yourself through the eyes of the enemy
  • [14:45] Going beyond what is expected to achieve success

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