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A life-threatening tumor, overwhelming debt, and a marriage that was headed for divorce. These were the toughest 5 years of Nicole Mayer’s life. 

But today, as an accomplished financial life management coach, she’s sharing her story of how self-reflection and goal-setting helped her finally understand what’s important in life and what truly defines success. 

And it all began with asking one simple question: "Am I living my best life?" 


Looking back, Nicole explains, "So I think I was kind of at the bottom, I had just gotten divorced. I was about to have a major surgery where, you know, half of my liver was going to be cut out. And they're telling you all these complications can happen. I said, "I have to do something different, and I have to lead my life differently, and I have to have something more meaningful." 

Like so many of us starting our professional journeys, Nicole Mayer believed success was measured by the prestige of an executive job title, a big house, and fancy cars. These were at the top of her checklist as she graduated from college and ambitiously went out into the world to find her fortune. 

However, Nicole soon faced the reality that the plan we map for ourselves can often differ from what life actually has in store. The question then becomes, are we willing to be flexible in reimagining our future when the life we envisioned takes a different turn?

Nicole shows us that if we are willing to self-reflect in challenging times, we can take control and find our way back to living productive lives.


Have you ever looked on Instagram and seen people flashing money and fancy material possessions? If so, for a moment, did you wish you too had those things? Well, first remember don’t believe everything you see. Social media can present a lot of smoke and mirrors. Still, Nicole advises that those representations—be they real or false, are merely someone else's definitions of "success."

Self-reflection led Nicole to re-prioritize her life, ponder what “success” means to her and consider what is the legacy she wants to leave behind. So, she asked herself, "What is going to fulfill me?" Answering that question, honestly, allowed Nicole to define her life's priorities. At the top of that list were being a mother to her young son, valuable time spent with people she most cared about, and a passion for traveling the world—which fostered a deeper appreciation for her own life.

"I totally value my son and my relationship there. I value health and wellness. So how can I live my life and create an awesome life surrounded by those things? You'll notice that none of those things had to do with a 10,000 square foot house and a Lamborghini in the driveway ... I choose experience over things, and that's because that fills me up."

We all would agree that money and financial stability are important. But if we spend every moment focused on attaining extreme wealth and status, you might miss out on the joys of living a life more emotionally fulfilled.


Based on Nicole's experiences, if success came down to one thing, it would be navigating life's transitions—which happens to also be the title of her new book. In Navigating Life's Transitions, Nicole shares her inspiration for the book. Having survived so many difficulties that were all happening simultaneously, hers is a voice of authenticity, not what if’s. As she guides clients to work through their obstacles, they trust it's not just lip service — she's actually been there and came out on top.

Nicole concludes, “The thousands of clients that I've met with, you know, it might be that they're 55; they've had a great career and were let go from their job—and now they're wondering, "what do I do next?" Or it's the person whose parents get sick, or they have a health issue—and so it's real-life stories of clients that I have worked with. It's my own story and my journey to get to and through my own transitions and get to my destination.

Listen to the bonus episode to hear advice for dealing with “destination addiction” and learning how to get back up after getting knocked down.