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Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence


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Do you know how to maximize your LinkedIn presence? Do you know why it’s important? Mandy McEwen is the founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing (an award-winning digital agency) and Luminetics, a sales training organization that helps brands elevate their online presence. 

Why is it important to build your personal brand on LinkedIn? Listen to hear Mandy’s expert opinion.


Mandy admits that back in the day, LinkedIn was boring. Now, it’s becoming more like the “cool” social media networks and more personal. So, how can you blend your personal and professional life? How can you showcase your passions, strengths, and goals in a way that resonates? Don’t overthink it. Just take the content you’re already posting on other social media channels and adapt it to LinkedIn. 

You’re there to build your career and network with the right people. So sprinkle in your expertise. If you don’t have a storied career, start talking about your passions and skills, and connect with people who have similar ones. It’s all in who you know.

Mandy emphasizes that “LinkedIn is the very best place in the world to connect with people that are going to take you to that next level.” The right connections are powerful and can help you land your dream job. LinkedIn is a warm and welcoming community so don’t let it scare you.

People crave trust, authenticity, and human-to-human connections. So the more you can share who you are as a human, the more you’ll resonate with people. When you build those connections, you’ll stand out. Only a small number of people do this correctly.


Most people with a LinkedIn profile don’t have a website; therefore, LinkedIn is the home of your personal brand. The goal is to build an intersection between your skills and expertise as an individual and your company. 

When people know what you’re passionate about and areas where you excel, it almost doesn’t matter where your job is. You can weave in products, services, and values from any company into your content but you never change your personal brand—that always stays the same.


Many people think that thought leadership is ego-driven and that it’s “me” focused. But it’s about giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It’s also about innovation and impacting your industry. You’re there to lift people up and when you do that, you’ll stand out. 

Letting people see how amazing you are is for the greater good, not boosting your ego. It’s to further your cause and purpose in life. Mandy works with people and companies that think like that. That’s why your profile needs to reflect the end-user you’re trying to attract rather than being about you.

Mandy shares more LinkedIn tips and tricks to help you boost your online presence in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [0:58] How Mandy fell in love with online marketing
  • [4:47] Why Mandy became an expert on LinkedIn
  • [12:00] How to not be intimidated by LinkedIn
  • [16:07] The importance of authenticity and human connection
  • [17:26] The intersection of your personal brand and your job
  • [20:57] How to maximize the success of your LinkedIn posts
  • [22:45] Finding satisfaction in meaningful growth and innovation

Listen to the bonus episode to learn why courtesy is a must on LinkedIn and why you should avoid pitching businesses unsolicited.