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Redefining Gender Norms in Personal Care


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In a world where personal care often falls into binary categories, Carly Broderick saw an opportunity to break through the stereotypes and create something truly inclusive. Her journey from corporate marketing to founding Miles, a personal care brand for teens and tweens, is a testament to her passion for consumer-facing industries and her desire to make a difference.

As millions of people grappled with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carly found herself at a pivotal moment while navigating remote learning with her fourth-grade son. It was during these moments that the idea for her new brand Miles began to take shape, sparked by the realization of the lack of inclusive options in the personal care market for teens and tweens.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Carly's extensive background in consumer products and marketing enabled her to see beyond the traditional gender divisions in the personal care aisle. With a keen understanding of formulations and market preferences, she set out to create a brand that was truly inclusive, free from the constraints of stereotypical gender roles.

Driven by empathy for today's youth, Carly aims to empower Gen Z and all generations to embrace their individuality. Recognizing their creativity and resilience, she sees Miles not just as a brand, but as a reflection of all our diverse identities and experiences.

Social Responsibility and Advocacy

For Carly, being an inclusive brand goes beyond marketing—it's about taking a stand on social issues that matter. Through initiatives like supporting LGBTQ+ nonprofits during Pride Month, Miles aims to contribute to a more equitable and accepting society.

One of the unique challenges Carly faces is marketing to both parents and teens. By striking a balance between safety and affordability for parents while maintaining appeal for teens, Miles has successfully resonated with both audiences.

A Brand With A Long Term Vision

Carly Broderick's journey from corporate executive to entrepreneur exemplifies the power of passion and purpose in creating meaningful change. With Miles, she not only aims to revolutionize the personal care industry but also to empower the next generation to embrace their uniqueness with confidence.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [1:20] The inspiration behind Mile’s
  • [5:00] How Miles balances social responsibility and brand integrity
  • [20:38] The mission of Carly Broderick as an entrepreneur and advocate

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