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Take Accountability. Reclaim Your Future.


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According to Joe Moglia, when you take accountability for yourself, your future is in your hands. Joe is the former Chairman of the Board at TD Ameritrade, the former head football coach of Coastal Carolina University, and one of the top leadership speakers in the country. 

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, Joe explains his coaching philosophy of “No Rules—One Standard,” how the business and football world intersect, and his passion for teaching people the importance of financial literacy.

The Philosophy: “No Rules—One Standard”

The football program at Coastal Carolina was built on the premise that there would be NO rules. Joe shares it’s because they set an incredible standard. Joe refers to it as “BAM” or “Be a Man.” He’s quick to point out that it wasn’t meant to be sexist but that he simply worked with an all-male football team and coaching staff.

So what is the standard? Stand on your own two feet, take responsibility for yourself, treat others with dignity and respect, and live with the consequences of your actions. It’s the same standard that Joe raised three daughters on and used in the business world.

Applying the business world to a successful coaching career

Joe began his Wall Street career as an institutional bonds salesman. But his real talent was leadership. He knew he needed a well-thought-out strategy with a contingency plan that would be simple for anyone to execute. He emphasizes that you have to communicate in a way that people understand. If things aren’t getting done the way they should be, it falls on you as the leader.

He spent time researching how people learn differently and started implementing a VAK test to learn how each person on his team learned and changed the way he communicated with them. The true test of leadership is what you do when things aren’t going well. When you’re winning, everyone is happy. The sign of a real leader is how you handle things under stress. Great leaders step up and figure it out.

Joe’s passion for teaching people the importance of financial literacy

Joe’s mantra at TD Ameritrade was bringing financial literacy to every family in the country. He doesn't believe financial literacy will be widespread until classes are taught in school that covers budgeting, saving, investing, and more.

What if every school taught saving and budgeting in elementary school, high school, and college? What if we teach kids about credit cards and interest rates? If you’re a parent, you need to impart the importance of money management to your kids. Family, school, and community leaders need to step up and take accountability for future generations by teaching financial literacy.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [1:03] Joe’s coaching philosophy
  • [3:09] How he went from coaching football to a successful business career
  • [5:26] How his mother’s health scare changed the trajectory of his life
  • [8:36] Applying the business world to a successful head coaching career
  • [11:21] The true test of leadership: What do you do when things get tough?
  • [12:47] Joe’s passion for teaching people the importance of financial literacy

Listen to the bonus episode to learn about the power of taking accountability and the importance of defining what your passions are in life.