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Taking the Chance on a New Career


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Lauren Imparato established herself on Wall Street as VP of Morgan Stanley Fixed Income. Then, she quit her job to launch a successful health, wellness, and fitness company.

She has become revered as one of the globe’s top experts on entrepreneurism. She shares how embracing a new career led to success in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

Running toward an opportunity vs. running away

People have romanticized quitting their job to follow their dreams but Lauren points out that when something becomes your job, it’s no longer a passion—it’s something you have to do. Lauren loved her job on Wall Street. She wasn’t running away but she was running toward a better opportunity.

She wouldn’t be where she is today without her decade of experience in corporate America. It taught her skills that she applied to her life as an entrepreneur, which gave her a competitive advantage in the market.

Dispelling the myths of entrepreneurship

The portrayal of entrepreneurship is that it’s a holiday from real work. But in reality, once you’re an entrepreneur, you’re constantly working. Entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job and it’s not for everyone.

Ultimately, your clients become your boss. You’re responsible for handling contracts, collecting payments, and taking care of a team. It’s not for the faint of heart and it is definitely stressful.

The mission of Lauren’s organizations

Lauren admits she’d always viewed women’s groups as a waste of time. But when she transitioned out of her career, she felt like she lacked an unbiased group of colleagues with whom she could bounce ideas off of. So she co-founded “The Association” with Janelle Hallier. 

“The Association” and Lauren’s other organization, “Women in Innovation,” are geared toward helping women thrive as entrepreneurs. The Association is composed of individuals striving to do the best in their careers and get ahead. 

They curate groups of 6–10 women who meet once a month and follow a strict timeline. They come together, discuss problems, and create strategies to achieve their desired goals. Their meetings are structured to allow for diversity of thought. It’s all about problem-solving and creating opportunities.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [0:29] Lauren’s experience on the trading room floor
  • [2:46] The decision to take a chance on a new career
  • [4:05] Running toward an opportunity vs. running away
  • [5:13] What prepared Lauren to be an entrepreneur
  • [5:50] Dispelling the myths of entrepreneurship
  • [9:46] Why women need to support other women
  • [11:58] The mission of Lauren’s organizations 
  • [14:18] Why Lauren founded a women’s organization

Listen to the bonus episode to hear Lauren’s thoughts about women leaders in business and her ideas about the best type of boss to have.