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3-Step Process for Thriving at Work


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Renowned speaker Dr. Kozhi Makai is the founder of Kozhi Makai Worldwide, a consulting agency that uses behavioral science to help people turn their potential into performance. In this week's Motivational Mondays episode, Doctor Kozhi shares his 3-step approach to achieving success in the workplace.


Dr. Kozhi attributes much of his success as a leader to his unwavering desire to always keep learning. The quest for knowledge, however, goes beyond just reading books. For Dr. Kozhi, it includes speaking to people with a genuine interest in what's essential to them and what motivates them to keep going. He loves asking questions because it allows for a better understanding of others.

Dr. Kozhi's strength is his curiosity, which keeps him excited about his work. For you to become more engaged at work, you need to identify your strengths. Once you find them, Dr. Kozhi wants you to be unapologetic about them because, as he says during the episode:

“Gallup has found that when people can show up at work and work through their strengths, their level of engagement is extremely high. And when people's level of engagement is extremely high, they tend to be thriving in their work, and they look forward to their work, they look forward to coming to work. Very very important. So for me, it's number one, starting with your strengths—you have to learn how to figure out what your strengths are.”


As the saying goes, "knowing is half the battle," but in this case, it's actually one-third. After discovering your strengths, you must sharpen your strengths.

Even though your strengths may come naturally, if you’re not using them, they become dull—just like an ax would if you leave it outside and don’t use it. Honing your skills creates more confidence in your abilities. Employees who are confident in their contributions are more engaged, which translates to higher productivity.

Dr. Kozhi says, "As a speaker, as a writer, as a thinker, as a researcher, I am constantly working on improving my craft. That is me sharpening my edge. Because if I don't improve my craft, I have to work harder for the same level of work because my ax isn't as sharp.”


Lastly, Dr. Kozhi advises knowing the value of your abilities and leveraging your strengths. Leveraging our skills applies not only in our professional settings but in our personal lives as well.

As Dr. Kozhi explains, "...after you know there's a place for your strengths, there's a place for your edge; there's a place for you to bring value—because that's the key. Today's world and tomorrow's world are going to be about value. People care a great deal about the value you bring, and people will pay you well if you bring value. People will honor you if you bring value."

When you know your strengths and are continuously learning to improve them, you're more engaged in the workplace and provide more value. At this point, Dr. Kozhi wants you to recognize that you have control.

If the particular company you work for doesn't recognize the value that you bring, you may need to go somewhere that does. And that's okay. The goal is go beyond just clocking in and clocking out. Instead, Dr. Kozhi wants you to thrive at work by working for an organization that will foster your strengths and keep you fully engaged.

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